70-year-young India is still to tackle basic problems

70-year-young India is still to tackle basic problems By S M K Siddiqui


From 1947 to 2017 is a long span of time and during this period of Independence, we have achieved a lot, but a lot more is still to be obtained. This is a one-line story of our gains which has never been sustained and consistent. The foremost freedom fighter and first Prime Minister of the country Pandit Jawharlal Nehru was considered the architect of Modern India. His was the goal of socialism and he thought it was the mantra which was cure-for-all. Lal Bahadur Shastri singed the Tashkent agreement and breathed his last in that foreign land. Indira Gandhi,was perhaps the most  powerful and wonderfully popular Prime Minister  of India. Political leaders and media painted her with black brush because she imposed Emergency, but after a short span of Janta government headed by Morarji Desai, she rode on the wave of popularity and formed the government. It was her strategy that Pakistan was bifurcated and Bangaladesh came into  being. Rajiv Gandhi took the country into information technology. He reduced the voting age from 21 to 18 and thus brought the youth into the stormy world of politics. However, the BJP exploited the Ram temple issue and increased their Lok Sabha strength from two to 76. Then there was no looking back for the party. Chandra Shekhar and VP Singh were somewhat stopgap arrangements. P  V Narasimha Rao of the Congress with minority government managed to rule the country for full five years. There is a permanent taint on him that he failed to safeguard the historic  Babri Mosque which was demolished by Karsevaks. Gujral and Deve  Goud  were the  political compromise. Then came the first BJP government headed by Attal  Behari Vajpayee in 1998.  His shining India slogan could not click  and Sonia  Gandhi formed the Congress government in 2004 and  Manmohan Singh came to helm the country. It was a wonderfully successful government because in 2009 the Congress came with flying colour increasing its strength in Lok Sabha. Manmohan Singh could not carry the burden of the coalition during second term. The Congress suffered the worst defeat in 2014 and lost the position of recognized opposition party in Lok Sabha.

Here begins the story of the BJP government headed by Narendra  Modi in  his  own  words a chai wala  became  the Prime Minister  of the  country. A plethora of promises were made by Narendra Modi but few were kept. During last three years high-sounding programme were planned but no positive results have been visible. The matter of great anguish is that communal polarization is on the rise. In his Independence Day speech, the Prime Minister said no violence in the name of faith is acceptable and communal and casteism were poison for the society. We only need translation of words into action. Even after 70 years we are tackling to solve the basic problems related to poverty, agrarian distress, job creation, election reforms, corruption in politics and administration, corporate muddle, economic growth and the like. They should be the part of PM’s new India dream.


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