It’s an evil design of the BJP to decimate the opposition for smooth sail in 2019 elections


Unsettling the elected governments, trapping a Chief Minister of a opposition party, purchasing MLAs to defeat a heavy weight of the Congress in  Rajya Sabha election, misusing government agencies to harass the opposition leaders form the evil design to decimate opposition parties to have a smooth sail for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. The Congress had 51 seats in Gujarat assembly and the number was more than enough for  the win  of a senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel, political secretary to the  party president Sonia Gandhi. The BJP wanted to have its  way  and  become  the hurdle  to  the success of Patel. A rebel Congress candidate was fielded only to narrow down the  victory line of the  Congress candidate. The bidding was raised as  high  as Rs 15 crore  per head and three Congress MLAs resigned from  the party and within 24 hours,  three more MLAs  quit the party. Violating all democratic norms, the BJP was on the purchasing spree. Political corruption is more dangerous than the official graft of politicians and public servants. The  Prime Minister , Narendra Modi, is  well aware  of  the fact, but  it  is a  question of  political  gains. He either looks to the other side  or  allows all legal and  constitutional  violations. When the Congress transported its MLAs to  Karnataka, the  government  machinery came into motion. Income Tax raids were conducted on the state energy minister D K Shivakumar who managed the stay of  the  Gujarat MLAs at his resort. No one will sallow the argument offered by the  union finance minister Arun  Jaitley in  Lok  Sabha that Shivakumar was already listed by the  Income Tax  department.

It is  reported that Ahmed  Patel emerged  victorious  and  the votes  by  two  Congress rebel MLAs were  invalidated because they showed  their ballots  to Amit  Shah and not just the  authorized person appointed by  the party. This shows the open subversion  of  democratic  norms. Ironically, this came on heels of trapping the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who demolished the Grand  Alliance and joined  hands with  the BJP to form  new government. The political parties  have  alleged that the CBI raids  were conducted to create a  rift between the  Chief  Minister and  Lalu Prasad  Yadav,  the  chief  of  RJD, the major ally. By joining hands  with the  BJP,  Nitish Kumar woefully reversed the mandate  he got in 2015 elections because the majority of voters  rejected the BJP despite the fact that the Prime Minister made  a hectic campaign in favour of his party. The example of Bihar shows how the BJP can dump the mandate of the people by manipulating the  representatives of the people.

In Uttarkhand, it unsettled the elected government and  the BJP came to power. In Goa, it  did not get the majority,  but the BJP succeeded to form the government. It has to face  elections in Karnataka and Gujarat and political observers opine that the  BJP would use all the dirty tricks it has mastered so far.

In the model  state of the Prime Minister, it is  an Herculean task for the BJP to retain power and in Karnataka, the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, is an invincible wall  for  the  BJP’s entry into the south.

So strong is the greed for power that the BJP is least bothered about democratic norms and  constitutional obligations. The  BJP is bent on decimating the opposition parties  by hook or  by crook. The Samajwadi  Party on August  7, alleged that the BJP  was determined to finish opposition in Uttar  Pradedh. Senior party leader Ramgovind  Choudhary  said the party president Akhilesh Yadav was the main  target for the  BJP. This is not the case of the Samajwadi Party, but almost all opposition leaders are in  the firing range of the  BJP.


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