Parting shots of Hamid Ansari expose the ugly face of PM Modi’s rule


Former Vice President, Hamid Ansari, in his  farewell speech  to Rajya Sabha and in his  interview to  the  Rajya Sabha TV expressed his  views about  the  current state of affairs of  the  country and problems  being faced by Muslim community and  some  concerns were put  forth by him which had the  BJP and Sangh Parivar in a tizzy and a fusillade of criticism was launched  against him. No  one  was  surprised as it is  their  wont to  target anyone who finds faults  with the government, but it  was a matter  of bewilderment when Prime Minister Narendra Modi thought it fit to react indirectly to  Ansari’s views which were correct to a T reflecting ground  reality. In his exceptionally balanced farewell speech, he simply quoted former President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan    about a perfect democracy. The quote is, “a democracy is distinguished by the protection it gives to minorities, but at the same time minorities also have  their responsibilities.” The  quote without  naming  the former President was repeated  by  him to  indirectly  remind  the government that the matter of  giving  protection  to minorities was of  prime  importance. In his interview to the  Rajya  Sabha  TV, Hamid  Ansari only responded to  the  queries  made by  Karan Thapar  and  thus  the subject was not chosen  by him. However, Karan Thapar chose questions related to minorities and the ambience of intolerance prevailing in the country. Hamid Ansari was honest, free and frank to respond to the queries.

Karan Thapar  said  hardly  any  day passed when we  did  not  come  across  the  incident in  which the  cow vigilantes beat,  thrash or kill the people blaming  that they were carrying cattle to  slaughter  houses. He wanted to know the reaction of Hamid Ansari. He reacted that Indian values were being trampled down at different levels and the law enforcement agencies felt helpless to take action against  the  guilty. He said it was a matter of anguish that citizens were being asked to prove that they are Indians. This was the mostmild response to the question put to him. He was asked to react to the feelings of some people that the country was getting intolerant. Hamid  Ansari  said  people of different  walks of life met  him and they also expressed such  sentiments and therefore Muslims were  harbouring the sense of  insecurity. This was also the most balanced response. Here only two questions have been given. (neither the  questions nor  their responses are  verbatim ). The first and foremost reaction to the views of Hamid Ansari was from M Venkaiah Naidu who was to take oath as the new Vice President. He said it was political propaganda to say that Muslims were habouring a sense of insecurity in India. In  an  extreme  reaction, a Sangh  Parivar  leader  said Ansari had emerged as a new Avatar  of Mohammad Ali  Jinah. Prime Minister’s reference was  soft , but indirectly pointed. He praised the distinguished family background of Hamid Ansari and its association with the Congress. His career as a diplomat in the Middle East countries. His appointment to minorities commission and then to AligarhMuslim University. The Prime Minister wanted to stress that Hamid Ansari had always been  associated with the  minorities  problems. He said after retirement Hamid Ansari was free to express his views on the subjects he liked. It was an indirect comment of the Prime Minister.

Prime  Minister should  have considered the  contents  of  his  views and  whether  his  observation was  based on  reality. The Prime  Minister  blissfully  forgot  that after his  coming  to power, he invited the  US President  Barrack  Obama  as  the chief  guest for the  Independence  Day celebrations. While returning home, the President said intolerance  was  on the  rise in  India. That was the case when Prime Minister hardly ruled the country for four months. From day one, the Sangh Parivar, its affiliates and the BJP leaders started vitiating communal atmosphere in the country. Since  then  innumerable incidents of  lynching  of  innocent  people by  the  cow   vigilantes  occurred  and  hardly  few cases  were booked. Should Hamid  Ansari  have  forgotten these and  other bloody incidents  to  appease  the  Prime  Minister, BJP  and  Sangh Parivar?


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