Siddaramaiah dismisses the impact of Amit Shah’s visit to Karnataka


BJP is in high spirit after its President Amit Shah visited Karnataka and led rallies shouting slogans, “Abki Bar BJP Sarkar.”  BJP leaders including  the state  chief Yeddyurrappa  are  confident that the  Party   is bound to  win the state  assembly  elections to be  held next year.  Regaining power in  state is the main motto of the  Prime  Minister, Narendra  Modi,  and the  party chief Amit  Shah, because  Karnataka  is  the  door  to the  south. Once the door was opened, but misrule and corruption forced the party to meet its Waterloo and the Congress regained power.

Now the Chief Minister Siddharamaiah is fully confident to  retain power in the state. On the eve  of  the Karnataka  Pradesh  Congress Committee meeting to  be  attended by the  Congress  Vice President Rahul Gandhi in  Raichur, the  Chief  Minister  was speaking to press persons on August 12. He said  the  BJP  President  Amit Shah or Prime  Minister Narendra  Modi could  visit Karnataka ,  but their  campaign would have  little impact  on  the  people  of Karnataka. People once  had  a bitter experience of  the BJP rule and they would  not vote  for the party. The more important is  the  developmental work  done by  his government. It  is  a concrete  work  to better the life the poor,  STs,  SCs,  BCs,  and  minorities,  he said  and added the  people  had  full  faith in his  government. He said the Modi government made high-sounding claims,but  none  is  fulfilled. The economic growth and industrial production  have slowed, Siddaramaiah said and added this exposed the  hollow claims of the BJP  government  at the centre. He said the  Modi  government promised to give  jobs to two  core youth every year, but in three years  only  four  lakh jobs were created.


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