Sonia Gandhi’s call to fight divisive forces, stress on Indianness

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi speaks in the Lok Sabha in New Delhi on Wednesday. PTI Photo / TV GRAB (PTI8_9_2017_000051B)

After unfurling National Flag at the  Congress headquarters in Delhi, Congress President, Sonia Gandhi  called upon people to fight  the divisive forces. She said people  should  unite and protect the Indianness. Separatism, terrorism  and  communalism were the  worrisome threat  for all. Meanwhile, the  Congress  and other  opposition parties found fault  with  the speech delivered by  the  Prime  Minister, Narendra Modi from  Red  Fort.

Congress leader Anand Sharma said Modi  government  failed  to  deliver  on the  party’s promises. After ruling  the  country for three years, the  Prime  Minister should have counted the promises fulfilled by  the  government. He claimed that demonetization was a success but  did not disclose  the black money recovered by scrapping  the  high denomination notes. He wondered  how  the process  of counting was still going on till date.

The Congress leader reminded the  Prime Minister that the government miserably failed  to create two  crore jobs yearly. Lakhs of people were rendered jobless  in  the  wake of demonetization.  The  unfortunate decision  slowed down  the economic  growth, he added. The  Congress  leader said  it was  insensitivity  on the  part of the  Prime  Minister to  compare the  Gorakhpur  hospital tragedy with the  natural  calamities. Really  the hospital  incident was man  made  and  a criminal  negligence on the  part of  the  Yogi administration and the  doctors  of the hospital.

Commenting on the Goods and Service Tax, the Congress  leader said small  traders and entrepreneurs were  not  prepared  to switch over to the GST, but the government did  not come  to their rescue. The new tax regime was a  haphazard decision taken  in hurry.

Political circles here in Delhi also  found fault  with the  warning to Gao Rakshaks and said  the  Prime  Minister  warned them so many  times in the  past, but  the  cow  vigilantes were  least bothered about it. It means  the  government lacks conviction.


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