The Gujarat attack on Rahul Gandhi is linked to BJP conspiracy and party’s fear of losing ground


In the homeland of  the  Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Gujarat, the BJP is fast losing ground and it is a matter of great anguish for the ruling party which is facing anti-incumbency in the coming assembly elections. On the contrary, the Congress has gained  ground as was evident from the local bodies polls last year. Whether the exit of the  senior leader Shankersinh  Vaghela has weakened the Congress base in the state is a matter of debate. Some Congress leaders known to the ground reality of Gujarat are of the  opinion that no doubt Vaghela was one of the  senior most leaders in the state, his quitting the party  will not damage the Congress base in the state. The BJP mocks at Rahul Gandhi saying he is still immature in politics, but the  party leadership and  the cadre are afraid  of  him. They know that he can  appeal to the  masses and can  communicate with them  with great ease. The  coming assembly election is  an acid test of the BJP president Amit  Shah to save Gujarat from  going to the Congress  which is the  main  contender. The  defeat in Gujarat,  means an eclipse to the propaganda-projected image of the Prime  Minister, Narendra Modi.

Against this backdrop, we can understand that the Gujarat BJP conspired to carry out a dastardly attack on the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi when he visited the flood victims in the state. Rahul Gandhi’s car was pelted with stones during his visit to the flood-affected town Dhanera in Banaskantha district on August 4. A big stone broke the rear window of his screen and his security personnel was injured. Rahul Gandhi was safe as he was sitting in the front seat. His public meeting at Lal Chowk at Dhanera was also  disturbed by BJP workers who showed black flags. On his  visit, Gujarat Congress president Bharatsinh Solanki, party in  charge  of state, Ashok  Ghelot,  and  others  were  accompanying  Rahul Gandhi. This  area of  Gujarat always suffered dry spells,  but this time  severe flood ravaged it.

Rahul  Gandhi  said  that  he  would not step back  because of black flags and  slogans  in  favour of the Prime Minister. He said the  party would raise  the issue  of  the  failure  of the state government to come  to the rescue  of flood victims. He also made it clear that  the BJP and  RSS workers were  involved in the attack. The Congress said it was a deadly attack which missed the target that was  Rahul Gandhi. It was a planned attempt to stop Rahul Gandhi from visiting the flood  victims. The state government  claimed that it  made all arrangements for the  visit of the Congress vice president,  but  this claim is hollow because not only was the car of the  Congress leader was attacked, but  his public meeting was  also  disturbed and  Rahul Gandhi had to cut  short his speech.. The  police arrested one  BJP youth leader and are  hunting three more who were  directly involved in the attack. Such dirty and undemocratic tactics show  that the BJP in  Gujarat is  uncertain about its poll victory.


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