Biography of Judge E Ismail released by Justice B Subhashan Reddy


A short introduction to the  personality and  achievement  of  former chairman, industrial  tribunal and former member of  A P Human Rights Commission E Ismail was launched by Justice  B  Subhashan Reddy, chairman of state  Lok Ayuktha, on  August 19. The writer Maqbool Farooqui’s another book Sare Sham was released by the Siasat editor Zahid  Ali Khan. Justice  Subhashan  Reddy  was  all  praise of Urdu language and  said once it was a lingua franca in  the  state and  was  spoken by everybody. Even his family letters were written in Urdu. It is the language of unity and integrity. He said E Ismail was a legal  luminary and  worked  with him  when  he was the  chairman of  AP  Human  Rights Commission. He congratulated him as his introduction was published.

Zahid Ali Khan said it was a good omen that two Urdu books were released at the office of Lok Ayuktha. It shows the attachment of the chairman Justice Subhashan Reddy with the language. He gave a brief account of the services of E Ismail in the legal and social arenas. Editor Shugofa Urdu monthly Dr Mustafa Kamal and Raoof Khair, a literary critic presented their articles reviewing the books. Ahmed Siddiqui Mukesh a social activist looked after the arrangements and welcomed the guests.

A large gathering including lawyers, writers, intellectuals   prominently Mufti Sadiq  Mohiuddin, Turabul  Hassan, Iftekhar Hussain, Khaja Kamaluddin,Imtiaz Hussain, Congress leader S K Afzaluddin, senior journalist Kabir  Siddiqui and  others attended the meeting.


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