By omitting Nehru’s name from his first speech, President Ram Nath Kovind followed his party’s line


With all the traditional grandeur, the elected President of India Ram Nath  Kovind was sworn in  and welcomed in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. He is the first President with RSS background because the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to achieve his saffronisation mission as early as possible. It will be complete when M Venkaiah Naidu, another Sangh Parivar leader would be elected vice president of India on August 5. The first speech delivered by Ram Nath Kovind was neither inspiring nor thought-provoking. When his name was finalized by the NDA, he vowed that he belonged to no party. Vice-president candidate M Venkaiah  Naidu  also did the same. It is great to emerge above party affiliations while holding the highest constitutional posts. However, the greatness cannot be thrust on anyone. He followed his party line in his first speech.

The President in first speech, spoke about his illustrious predecessors including Pranab Mukherjee and Indian poverty and diversity. He also expressed his views about ancient wisdom of our great history. But while speaking about modern history, he forgot to mention the name of the first architect of India, the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawharlal Nehru. He worked with his deputy and first Defence Minister Sardar Patel with the spirit of close companionship. However, the BJP is always interested to highlight the so called differences between the two. While praise is showered on Patel, Nehru is ignored. We cannot imagine the name of Independent India in the international comity, if we forget the achievements of Pandit Nehru.

This omission of the name of Nehru from President’s speech is wittingly, willingly and intentionally to rewrite the history of the country. The BJP should know that the history of the subcontinent is not confined to India, but an international knowledge. Now no government or any group of intellectuals or scholars can tinker with the history of any country, because it is already globalised and digitalized. The efforts of the Sangh Parivar to rewrite the history of India should be condemned by one and all.


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