Deepthi Gowda—A selfless political leader with a great cause of service to humanity

True gems of India: Those who are serving sociopolitical causes with utmost dedication


Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee is a model for many  state panels because there is  no dearth of devoted  and dedicated leaders whose only aim of life is  to  serve the party as well as to contribute  their mite to the welfare of  the society at large and  service to humanity. Among these leaders, Deepthi Gowda occupies a prominent place. As a general secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee, she has a 24×7 schedule to strengthen the  grass  root  support  of  the party particularly creating awareness among women folk.  Such leaders are really an asset to the Congress in the state. With  her  sheer  devotion and  dedication  to her work, she gained confidence  of  the  Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and  also  the central leadership.

Born  on  9 June, 1979 in a distinguished, respected family, headed by  Sannappa  Gowda, she did her Masters degree in  Social Sciences. Loving parents  wanted  her to  continue further  education  for better job suitable  to her rich business family, but from the very beginning, she wanted to  serve  the poor, downtrodden and particularly the women  in distress. She firmly decided to serve the social  cause. She paid her attention to education of the poor. She  visited private  and  government schools and made representations to the  authorities to see that their functioning was up to the mark. She distributed books and uniforms to poor and deserving students. She visited slum areas  and  identified  certain  women  and children and  provided monetary assistance to them. She did this from  her own  earnings. She guided many women, and  provided basic material  to them so that they  can stand on  their own feet and earn their livelihood. Elders and school teachers in slum areas have shown  respect  to her and  cooperated with  her fully. This was  more  or less  single-handedly achieved, and she wanted to expand  the sphere  of her action.

She  resolved to connect  with some  voluntary  organizations with philanthropic aims and  objectives  and  worked with them. Her father Sannappa Gowda was active  in social arena, but confined his interest to  cultural  activities.  While  admitting  the importance of  cultural forums  for the  society, she was more interested in solid work to better the life of the poor, to  help the  physically  handicapped persons, the sick  who  could not get proper treatment. She got them  admitted  to hospitals and  looked after them till they were fully cured. She brought many beggars out of poverty by showing them how  they  could earn  their livelihood in a respectful  way.

During 2009, the  North  and  Hyderabad Karnataka areas faced floods. She witnessed  the  physical  trouble  and  mental agony of  the  flood victims whose houses were washed away. Deepthi Gowda personally went  to their rescue and  visited many  flooded areas. She not  only  cooperated  with the government machinery, but also personally  provided food and  shelter to the victims. The members of various  organizations with whom  she was working were with  her  at every step and the affected persons  were provided clothes, food, fruits and  medicine besides shelter. The  places where  she  personally  visited included Bellary, Raichur,  Gulberga, Bijapur, Koppal, Dharwad,  Belgaum, Bagalkote  and  others. She strongly believes that service to humanity  is  service to God.

She is very popular among masses and classes of Bangaluru and she can win hands down if given ticket form any constituency in the city in the coming elections. She is a staunch follower of party President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, PCC President and Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Since her  college life, she was very  much  impressed by the  Congress President Sonia  Gandhi and the  Congress party with  the glorious history  of freedom  struggle. Sonia Gandhi was an embodiment of service, sacrifice, dedication and courage for her. The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also impressed her. To fulfil her aims and objects in a greater way, she joined the Congress  Party. Her sincere dedication to work and active participation in each and every  programme of the  party caught the attention of the leadership at the state level and also the central leadership. She was given the responsibility of heading the Karnataka Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee. She enjoyed confidence of not only the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, but also the Congress vice president Sonia Gandhi.

Such leaders can be made captains of the Congress Army to win many more constituencies in the state.


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