Gorakhpur is not a picnic spot, Yogi tells Rahul Gandhi: Because it has already become a spot of virtual murder, retorts Congress


UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, before taking charge of the state as the Chief Minister, was a poster boy of Sangh Parivar and got notoriety by passing cheap and hurtful remarks against minorities, particularly Muslims. Most probably, he was elected from Gorakhpur parliamentary constituency by exploiting communal sentiments of the people.  He had no opportunity of gaining  administrative experience but he  was unexpectedly  chosen  as  the  Chief Minister by the  Prime Minister,  Narendra  Modi, after the BJP  came to power with huge mandate in the state. However, he is still to realize the responsibility of a Chief Minister and the status of the post. He cannot cut himself from the basic instinct and ingrained traits in him. The  fact  came to the  fore when he passed most irresponsible and woefully cheap remark when  the  Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi came  to  Gorakhpur to  visit aggrieved families of the  children who  died  in  the Baba Raghav Das Medical College Hospital. Making a taunting remark at Rahul Gandhi, he said Gorakhpur was not a picnic spot. He passed a similar comment on Rahul and the Samajwadi leader Akhilesh Yadav addressing them Yuvraj of Delhi and Shehzada of Lucknow respectively. As a  matter  of  fact  he  did not  mock at the  opposition leaders, as he  intended, but virtually  he insulted the  memory of more  than 70 children at  the  hospital. It was  also  a  clumsy attempt to distract the  attention of the  people  from  the tragic  incident that  occurred  under his nose  due to the negligence  of  the hospital administration. Within  48 hours from the  night of August 9,  60 babies admitted  to the  hospital for the  treatment  of different diseases died  due to  no supply of  oxygen. This  was  a murder most  foul of  the  innocent children by the hospital administration which failed to maintain  the  stock  of oxygen  cylinders. On account of non-payment of bills the supply was cut by the companies.

The Chief Minister ordered an administrative inquiry instead of a judicial probe keeping in view the degree of tragedy. To dilute the criminal negligence  on the  part of doctors and hospital administration,  the  Chief  Minister said the  cause  of the deaths was  the  dreaded disease  encephalitis, very common in UP  and launched Swachh  Uttar Pradesh  campaign. It was merely a cover up attempt by the Chief Minister. After meeting family members of victims, Rahul Gandhi said it was a man-made tragedy and the state government should be held responsible for it. He said all those whom he met told him that oxygen shortage led to the deaths of their children. He warned the Chief Minister not try to cover up the guilty of the hospital administration. He also said sometime back, he visited the hospital and brought the flaws and shortcomings in providing quality treatment to the patients to the notice of the Prime Minister but no heed was given to his plea. The principal of the medical college Dr R K Mishra was suspended in the wake of the  probe. The principal  in his  statement said he reminded the  government for  clearance  of  the bills  of the  oxygen  cylinders, but the  government was sitting on  his requests. This is the administration of the Yogi government.

Slamming the Chief Minister for his barb, the AICC spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi accused him of reducing  the  debate over  medical negligence to such cheap politicking. Speaking to reporters, he said Gorakhpur was not a picnic spot, but it turned into a virtual murder spot. Apart from this wordy duel, one thing is clear that the poster boy in Yogi Adityanath is still alive and kicking. Should such person hold the post of Chief Minister is a question to be responded by the BJP leadership.


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