It is vendetta politics on the part of Modi government : Now Karnataka is the victim


It is a fact that the CBI, Income Tax and Enforcement Department have been used by the ruling party to gain  its political motives  and to harass its rivals. The BJP while  in opposition condemned  the  Congress on  this issue, but now  when  it is  at the helm of affairs, it  is bent on  breaking the record of the  past. Recently  past  cases  were  dug up to harass  the RJD chief  Lalu  Prasad Yadav and the CBI  conducted raids on the residences and  offices  of the  members of  Lalu’s  family  and the motive was achieved when the  Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar demolished the  Grand  Alliance and  formed  the  government with  the  BJP  as  his ally. It is a clear political vendetta. Now even for stopping the Congress from winning a Rajya Sabha seat, the BJP is using every dirty trick from its bag.  Six Congress MLAs from Gujarat left the party on the eve of the RS poll apparently succumbing to the machination of the BJP. It is alleged Rs 15 to 20 crore was paid to every MLA.  The Congress was forced to shift their legislators to Karnataka to save them from the BJP’s evil design.

They are staying at a resort owned by a Karnataka Minister.  Now this minister became the victim of the IT raids.

Income Tax raids were conducted on the Karnataka minister D K Shivakumar on August 2. Rs 10 crore were seized from his Bangaluru and Delhi residences. The minister was also questioned. The matter was rightly raised by the Congress and other opposition parties in both the Houses of Parliament. The CBI  and  Income  Tax and other  departments  have every right to conduct  searches and  enquire about the unaccounted  wealth,  but these cases show that the  government  is brazenly using them for ruling party’s  political motives.


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