Demand for a state flag is not against unity of the country, says CM Siddaramaiah


Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, has been in the eye of a controversy since he proposed a separate flag for the state. The Chief Minister set up a committee to finalise the flag. The BJP took exception to this decision and said the Chief Minister wanted to fan regional feelings on the eve of assembly elections. It is an attempt to reassert linguistic and regional identity against the union of India. The Chief Minister rejected this objection and said the flag issue had nothing to do with elections, because the Congress was fully  confident to regain power in the state. It is the BJP that should be worried about elections as its efforts would never bear fruits, he said.

Recently in an interview to a national newspaper, the Chief Minister said that having a separate state flag was not against the constitution. In the United States, every state has its own flag. The state flag would not fly above the national flag. Regional feelings would be there but they are not against national sentiments or patriotism. Not the BJP alone, every party and every Indian is patriot. It is the BJP that doubts the patriotism of other persons because it is communal party which is destroying the secular fabric of the country.

Referring to the protests against the use of Hindi in the state, the Chief Minister said Hindi was not the national language and it should not be imposed on the people against their wish and will. It should be left to the people to learn it as they learn any language they like. He said he was not opposing learning of any language be it Hindi, Tamil or even foreign language. There is a systematic effort on the part of the centre to impose Hindi, he said.


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