Muslim world led by Turkey and Iran supports Rohingya Muslims: India should view the issue on humanitarian ground



The massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhane, the poorest province of Myanmar has shocked the Muslim world. Turkey and Iran have come forward to demand the United Nations Organisation to intervene in the matter immediately. Turkey  offered  monetary assistance  to Myanmar for  the  relief work and  the state counselor of that  country Aung San Suu Kyi accepted it. More than one lakh refugees left their native land and entered Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on  September 5 visited Myanmar and met Suu Kyi. Rohingy refugees issue  was also on his agenda.  However, at home the stand taken by the government of India created anguish among opposition  parties. Minister of  state for Home Kiren Rijiju said on September 5 that  no one should teach India on  the  issue of  refugees because India absorbed the maximum number refugees in the world. Illegal immigrants will have  to leave the country, he said. He said the centre asked all states to start deportation of Rohingya Muslims.  When  we are following legal path, why have  we been  accused of being inhuman, he said.

The minister should understand that it is not the matter of following legal path, but to view the matter from humanitarian point of view. The current situation in Myanmar has forced the  Rohingya  Muslims  to leave their land and the  hordes of persecuted people seeking shelter in other countries. Keeping the ground reality in view, the opposition parties are demanding the government to consider the matter of deportation and defer it. Amnesty  International has now urged  the  Prime  Minister to persuade the leadership of Myanmar to extend helping hand to the Rohingya Muslims.


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