Reshuffle of central cabinet: A move for good governance or a political exercise?


Choosing a minister for central cabinet is surely a prerogative of the Prime Minister and no one should question, but when Narendra Modi said that the  first and foremost principle was, ‘perform or perish ‘ and many BJP leaders  claimed that the team  was meant for the 2019  elections, one has  to see which statement is correct. So  far the government performance is not up to the average. As far as a series of electoral victories is concerned, it is the direct result of disarray among the opposition parties. The country is facing agricultural crisis, unemployment is staring in  the  eyes of the  youth, the  economic growth and GDP are  down, export and manufacturing are in doldrums, political situation in Kashmir is the worst, CBI, ED and Income Tax  departments are being misused for ruling party’s political gains, cow vigilantes are harassing and killing minorities and Dalits, then how can a common man praise the  Modi government. No doubt, the BJP leaders and  a large section of print and electronic media are all praise for the Prime Minister and the government performance. The ruling party is successful in this strategy, but how far the new team of the Prime Minister will succeed is a vital question and the answer to which can hardly be given in positive. The new team has been chosen by the Prime Minister with  consultation of party chief Amit Shah and of course with the advice of the RSS.

Six ministers have been dropped and nine new faces were inducted, four  of them former bureaucrats. The  Congress said former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had  wider consultation  preceding ministry formation and no secrecy was maintained. It is Narendra Modi’s way to concentrate power with him and his close aides. The party leaders are showering  Prime Minister with praise and platitude that a junior minister Nirmala Sitharaman  was elevated and made Defence Minister. No doubt, she is  the first   full-fledged minister of  that important  portfolio, but definitely she was not rewarded for her hard work. There  was hardly  any appreciable performance  of the ministry of  Commerce and  Industry, of which she was in charge. Senior leader Sushma  Swaraj is  the minister for External Affairs,  but she has been reduced to helping individuals in distress through her tweets. Policy matters are finalized by the  PMO. The new Defence Minister may face the same situation. There has been hardly any  notable performance  of Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh but he escaped the axe. Some others also may be named. A senior  leader Bandaru Dattatreya hailing from  Telangana was shown  the door and now the  state is  unrepresented  in the  central cabinet. Railways  minister Suresh Prabhu offered  to resign  after an  accident in Uttar Pradeh, Prime  Minister asked him  to wait. He  has been shifted to the ministry of Commerce and Industry. Senior leader and firebrand speaker Umma Bharati was on the edge  due  to her performance and she was likely to be dropped. It  is reported that the RSS came to her rescue. She was shifted from Water  Resouces and  Ganga Clean  UP ministry  to Drinking Water and Sanitation. Four former  bureaucrats who  were inducted are Raj Kumar  Singh, Hardeep Puri, Satyapal Singh and Alphons Kannanthanam. The  Congress said, induction of bureaucrats meant the PM  had no faith in his  elected colleagues. Is the new team strong enough to handle the  challenges the  country is confronted with and extend helping hand  to the PM to win the coming Lok Sabha elections ?


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