Amit Shah summoned to appear as defence witness for Maya Kodnani


Maya Kodnani, former Gujarat minister who is already convicted in a Naroda Patya massacre in which 97 Muslims were killed during the 2002 communal riots that earned Gujarat headed by Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister an international shame, in another case in which 11 Muslims were killed asked the court to order Amit Shah to appear on her behalf to be witness that she was not present at the scene of crime.

The court ordered Amit Shah to appear on September 18 either in person or through a lawyer. The judge issued summons to be served on Amit Shah. Whether Amit Shah will support his former colleague or not is to be seen. However, Kodanani was confident that is why she requested the court to summon Amit Shah. On the day of hearing the defence lawyer will question Amit and others about the alibi of Kodanani.

Kodanani who was then state minister in Narendra Modi government was sentenced to 28 years in jail in the previous case on the charge that she led a violent mob that killed 97 Muslims. However she has been out on bail indefinitely on health grounds thereby making a mockery of justice.

According to an unofficial estimate more than 4000 people mostly Muslims were killed in the riots, but officials put the number at 1200.


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