Rahul Gandhi meets top guns in US, says intolerance, unemployment dog India


The Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, who is on a two-week tour to the  United States met many top social,  political and  media persons and  discussed  bilateral  issues. He also addressed some meetings hosted for him. The refrain of his speeches and talks was intolerance and unemployment dogging India. His address at a US university created a storm in India and the BJP alleged it was a national disgrace. The Congress retorted that it was the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who for the first time criticized Indian  government in foreign land.

In a series of meetings with eminent Indian and South Asian experts, hosted by the Centre for American Progress, a democratic–leaning  think  tank, Rahul Gandhi had elaborate discussions on bilateral issues. Lisa Curtis who heads the South Asia division at National Security Council of the White House  held  discussions with Rahul Gandhi over a breakfast meeting. The Trump administration official sought his views on the US-India relationship and the  recently announced Afghanistan and South Asia policy.

U S Chamber of  Commerce president and CEO Thomas J Donohue  met Rahul Gandhi at an event  hosted by US India Business Council. The Indian leader said the government was not able  to provide jobs to the jobless youths.

Rahul Gandhi also had an off–the-record interaction with the editorial board of the Washington Post.


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