Modi’s policies serve corporates at the cost of farmers: Rahul Gandhi on poll campaign


After his return from the US, the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi launched his poll campaign in Gujarat which is going to poll at the end of the year. In his 3-day tour he covered the significant Saurashtra and other Patidar dominated areas and ripped apart the Gujarat model of development. On the Dwarka-Khambhalia highway, he even rode a bullock cart and addressed the people in every village. In his interaction, he spoke to farmers and women and  enquired about their day to day problems. Before embarking on the  poll yatra, he offered prayers at the  historical Lord Krishna temple in Dwarka. It was a matter of pleasure for the  Congress entourage that Rahul Gandhi got greetings from Patidar agitation leader Hardik Patel for coming to Gujarat.

He said the main issue  before the  youth  today is elusive jobs. They are running from pillar to post but could not get employment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while campaigning his 2014 elections, promised two crore jobs but after coming to power he could not create more than one lakh employments.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that the policies of the government were serving the corporate companies at the cost of farmers and small traders. While a small farmer is unable to pay  his loan, he is declared a defaulter, but the  loans of big companies are written off. He said 7 lakh crore of corporate debt had turned into non-performing assets which was a crushing burden on the economy.

As the BJP is losing its space in Gujarat, the Congress is hopeful to wrest the state from the ruling party.


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