Pak’s illogical and adamant stand at UN General Assembly


At UN General Assembly, India and Pakistan engaged in wordy duels throwing allegations at each  other on  Kashmir issue. There had been a hot debate on Kashmir in UN General Assembly when India approached  the world  body in the wake of the Pak assault on Kashmir and grabbing a part of the  state which joined India after the ruler of the state Hari Singh signed the  accord. These lengthy debates and resolutions passed remained unimplemented and decades passed. Then India and Pakistan came to a conclusion that the dispute should be solved through bilateral dialogue. Then agreements were signed between Pak and  Indian Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttu and  then in  recent past between Attal Behari Vajpayee and Nawaz Shareef who signed the Lahore  accord. However, Pakistan never believed in these agreements and started the policy of cross-border terrorism. India has been targeted with terror attacks for years together. This policy boomeranged and some terror organizations started targeting Pakistan itself. Global human rights organizations and media persons reported that Pakistan has been sheltering terror organizations and thus the  fact became global knowledge. Of late Pakistan started raising Kashmir issue in international fora on the pretext that India was not ready to talk  Kashmir. India took logical  stand that bilateral and meaningful talks on  Kashmir can  be commenced when the cross-border terrorism was put to halt.

Against this background, the matter of Kashmir was raised by Pakistan recently at UN General Assembly. While India stated the facts, Pakistan levelled  baseless allegations against India. While refuting the charges that Pakistan was harbouring terrorists, Pakistan Prime  Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi portrayed Pakistan as the  victim of  terror. He blamed that India was grossly violating human rights in Kashmir. He demanded the appointment of a special UN envoy on Kashmir. After Pak PM’s speech, the  first secretary to  India’s mission  at UN, Eenam  Gambhir on September 21,  traced Pak terror activities and  said the  country was ‘terroristan’. In a no-holds-barred speech, she said  Pakistan protected Osama  bin Laden  and sheltered Mulla  Omer and proved beyond  doubt that it is a haven for terrorists. Then came the turn of Pak permanent representative to the United  Nations, Maleeha  Lodhi  who said India was the mother of terrorist activities and promoting terrorism against Pakistan. She alleged human rights violations in Jammu  and Kashmir and spread of Hindu nationalism in India. While the world is in the know of the ground reality, these charges and counter charges can hardly impress global opinion. Maleeha  Lodhi  made a factual  error, weakening her argument against India when she tried to pass off  a picture of a Gaza girl  as Kashmiri and alleging that she was the victim of pellet guns. Shushma Swaraj, the external affairs minister was most reasonable in  her arguments when she  asked  world leaders on September 23,  to introspect as to why  India was recognized  as global IT supper power  while Pakistan  is infamous as pre-eminent export factory for terror. Pakistan basically should change its policy to deal with  India and stop cross-border terrorism. It is not just India but Afghanistan and Bangladesh have also put the  same  charge at  the door of Pakistan.


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