PM Modi boasts ‘votes not priority’ of BJP while party is the most vote-centric of all


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, visited his constituency, Varanasi, and laid foundations and inaugurated a number of welfare schemes and praised the  UP Chief Minister, Aditya Nath Yogi, whose six  months in power brought him more brickbats than bouquets. On the second day of his visit on September 23, he inaugurated the Pashu Arogya Mela (cattle health fair) and said , unlike other political parties,  the BJP does not decide its priorities on the  basis of votes. We have been brought up in a different culture, he continued and said for us the nation is above all and its development is our top priority. To prove his point, he said these animals did not vote and they are not anyone’s voters, but we gave importance to them. The healthcare of cattle is an important issue and the state government conducted a big fair to be inaugurated  by  the  Prime Minister. This was connected to the farmers welfare. People can understand that  animals don’t  vote but farmers do. However, the Prime Minister, wanted to please his  audience and praise his party. But in the process he spoke a tall story that his party was brought  in a different  culture and  never cared for the  votes. Politicians seldom tell the whole truth particularly when they  want  to take the audience for a ride. It is a simple truth that all political parties concentrate  their activities to gain  power through  vote. No political party is exception. Ironically the BJP  is  more enthusiastic in vote-gaining game than any other party.

The BJP is the only party which divides the  people on caste, creed and religious lines to get votes. It is known that it exploits communal violence for polarization of votes. In the last general elections  in 2014, it exploited the  communal riots in  the  UP and swept the state. The Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party simply  played spectator. It was the UP tally that helped the BJP to get absolute majority. Therefore it is a not truthful to argue that the BJP is not interested in votes and that it based its policies on the welfare of the people. The Prime Minister praised the Chief Minister for taking up welfare measures. After the swearing-in ceremony, the first order that he issued was in connection with closure of slaughter houses and thus rendered many meat traders to jobless. He promised to improve law and  order in  the state but crime graph is on  the rise as announced by police authorities. To curb  the crime, the criminals are shot dead in encounters. A 32,000 crore scheme to wave farm loans of up to one lakh was announced. It has been reported that many farmers got waiver of Rs. 3 to Rs. 1000 only.

The Prime Minister inaugurated the cattle healthcare fair, organized by the UP government which is worth praising, but he forgot the stray cattle menace that has gripped many states. During the Modi regime the cow vigilantes are simply calling shots and the movement of cattle is restricted very much. The practice of unproductive cattle winding up in slaughter houses and being used for meat and leather trade is already disturbed. Since May this year, after the central government notified the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (regulation and livestock  market) Rules 2017, it has  become  more difficult to buy, sell and  transport  cattle. This situation  has led  to alarming increase of stray  cattle which are eating away and  destroying crops worth lakhs  of rupees. If you want to save cow, the government should provide adequate  number of shelters for them. This is a minus aspect of the movement to save cow and shutting down slaughter houses. Many states are facing this problem. Will the welfare-conscious government look into it?


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