Anna Hazare threatens to re-launch his stir as Modi failed to set up Lokpal


The leading social activist Anna Hazare who launched his agitation in 2011 against the UPA  government demanding to set up Lokpal office, on  October 2 in  Delhi threatened to re-launch the agitation as the Lokpal has not been established by the Modi government. The  BJP at that time fully supported the  stir and demanded the UPA government to pass the  Bill on  Lokpal. Though the Lokpal Bill was passed in a diluted form, but no one  was appointed in  the  post. The Prime Minister spoke of demolition of corruption day in and day out and  claimed zero tolerance of the graft, but even after three years the  office was not set up. The Lokpal is authorized to take action against the Prime Minister on graft charges. When graft-free India is the slogan of the Modi government then what is the cause of hesitation to set  up the highest office against corruption, he asked.

Anna Hazare said  the movement he started for the appointment of Lokpal was incomplete. The authorities at the helm are least bothered to fulfill their promises. Therefore there is need to  restart  his agitation. The new movement would be launched at the end of this year or early  next year, he said. Anna Hazare said he  would interact with his volunteers  across the country at Ralegaon Siddhi in  Maharashtra on October 7-8. The future course of action would be  chalked  out there. He also accused the government of not fulfilling its promise to bring back  the black money stashed in  foreign countries.

He also targeted  his protégé Arvind  Kejriwal and said  he  forgot the cause of Lokpal  after he came to power. On many accounts  Kejriwal got flak from his mentor. Anna Hazare was  on a day long  satyagrah against corruption at  Rajghat.


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