Sirajuddin Qureshi—an entrepreneur who touched sublimity is an asset to his community and country


There are many fairy tales in which simple persons from a humble position gained the highest status through their sincerity, devotion and strenuous efforts where they are considered a valuable asset for their community as well as the country. They are among the few gifted persons who are blessed by God. Sirajuddin Qureshi is one  of  them. The other known person in the story of rags to riches was Dhirubhai Ambani whose sons are now overlording the corporate India. Some called Sirajuddin Qureshi a Dhirubhai of Muslim India. A young boy of Bulandshahr in UP dreamt to be a big businessman. He started a humble business and continued his education. He attained his degrees of BA and LL B and at the same established his business. Then from the petty business he turned to the meat trade which is the mainstream of his Qureshi community. He spared some time to know the nitty-gritty of new techniques of storage and packaging. Then with the help of a man of  sources, he started export of meat to Arab  countries. Then he never looked back and scaled new heights in his business under the nomenclature of Hind Group of Companies. With a turnover of around 1000 crore rupees, he established a modern meat plant in Aligarh and diversified his activities in food processing, fast food chains and others.

Being a business tycoon was not a factor of satisfaction for him because basically he is not a man of business mentality to earn treasure for his family. He is also a social activist, reformist, philanthropist, educationist with an urge to contribute his mite to the welfare of his community and the country at large. His Noble Education Foundation distributes scholarships to students from nursery to doctorate. He wants Muslims to get the best education and then do not depend on government services, but enter business sphere in large scale.

At the beginning of the current century, he was barely known in social circles but his charitable disposition and social activities catapulted him to the world  of towering social figures, cream of eminent people from various walks of life and influential figures in political arena. Then a turning point came and he was elected as the Chairman of India Islamic Cultural Centre, the prestigious socio-cultural organization of Delhi. Here Sirajuddin Qureshi got full sphere for his diversified welfare activities. The building of the Centre was completed under his supervision. His active participation to promote the aims and objects of the Centre, persuaded the members to re-elect him in 2008 and then 2013. In recent past, he worked with the former Union  Minister of Minority Affairs, Raman Khan and  a well-known thinker Dr Javed Jamil  and  others for  preparing a comprehensive plan for the all-round development  of Muslims.

He is now one of the few Muslims who have international popularity. He was one of the  six  selected entrepreneurs from India  who were invited by President  Obama  during April, 2010 for Presidential Entrepreneurship  Summit. He has travelled to almost all parts of  the world in different capacities. It was he who by his tireless efforts persuaded the union ministry of food processing to take initiative to establish a National Meat and Poultry Processing Board. He has over 20 years of comprehensive experience of aviation industry. The Hind Group has been handling the general sales agent office for Thai Airways (Western India) since 2004.

He is linked to many organizations in different capacities. He is President of Indian Islamic Cultural Centre, All India Jamiatul Quresh,  India Kuwait Chamber of  Commerce, Federation of India-Arab  Chamber of Commerce and Industry and  Noble Educational Foundation. Few of the  honours conferred on  him  are:

Life Time Achievement Award by Asian Buffalo Association at the fourth ABA Congress held in  New Delhi in 2003, this award  was given to him again in  Pakistan.

Honorary Fellowship of the NAVS by the National Academy of Veterinary Sciences.

Life Time Achievement Award in Meat Industry in 2006.

No doubt Sirajuddin Qureshi is one of the guiding lights of Muslim society.


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