Corruption charges at the doorstep of the leader at the helm: Why probe is ruled out?


At a time when the CBI and ED are raiding the offices and residences of opposition leaders, as the anti-corruption organs of the government seem to be earnestly on their job, it is revealed that a business company within three years of NDA rule made a fortune of unimaginably high sums for a ‘start-up’. Apparently it was not a fair trade practice but through hook and crook machinations and patronage of those at high positions. It was a bolt from the blue for the BJP because the owner of the company is Jay Amitbhai Shah, the son  of Amit Shah, the  ruling party president and powerful man next to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This stunning  report shook those at the helm of affairs. The report filed by The Wire website said the company Temple Enterprises Pvt Limited grew by 16,000 times after Narendra Modi formed the  government at the centre and Amit Shah became the BJP president. The Wire wrote that balance sheets and annual reports obtained from the  Registrar of Company had revealed that in the  financial years ending March 2013 and 2014 Temple Enterprises recorded losses  of Rs 6230 and Rs 1724 respectively. However, in 2015-16 its turnover rose to 80. 5 crore i.e. its worth increased by 16,000 times. Soon after, in 2016, the company wound its business declaring  that it posted losses.

Following the report, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party sought answers from  Amit  Shah and demanded the  government to conduct a probe by the  CBI and ED. The BJP termed the report malicious and defamatory. Jay Amitbai Shah filed a defamation case seeking a compensation of Rs 100 crore from the owner  and editor of the website. When dubious  operations of a company come to light, that  too based on the record filed  at the Registrar of Company, it is obligatory  on  the part of the government to conduct a probe, but the authorities maintained that the report filed by The  Wire website  was false and malicious. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in  his tweet said, “Modiji…Did you  act as a watchman or were you  a partner? Please say something.” It further added, “We finally  found  the  only beneficiary of Demonetisation. It is  not the RBI, the  poor and the  farmers. It is the  Shah-in-Shah of Demo.  Jai Amit.” He had also tagged a copy of the news report on  the issue in his  tweet. During 2015-16 Jay Shah’s company received an unsecured loan  of Rs 15.78 crore from a financial  services firm and turned from  stock trading  to wind-power generation. Only because the owner of the company is the  son  of Amit Shah, not only has the  whole  BJP stood  behind Jay Shah but  even union  Home  minister Rajnath Singh ruled out  the  possibility of any  probe into the operations of the company. The Prime Minister, as is his wont, did not speak  on  the issue.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said  there was no reason for shying away from the probe especially when the  BJP  was maintaining that there was nothing  wrong in the whole matter. He also reminded Amit Shah that  BJP chiefs in  the  past had  resigned in  the  wake  of allegations against them including  L  K Advani, Bangaru Lakshman and Nitin Gadkari. Definitely Amit Shah will be little impressed by moral examples of his predecessors who were only presidents of the party. Amit Shah thinks of himself, and perhaps is, next to the Prime Minister and an advisor-in-chief on all important  matters including reshuffling of the cabinet  the  prerogative of the  Prime Minister. No doubt, this inaction of the government which is clear nepotism will be  rightly exploited by the Congress and other opposition parties in the coming elections. The BJP seems  to be  heavily dependent on  the Modi’s charisma which  is now lost in the air because of numerous failures  of the government almost on all fronts.


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