Rahul Gandhi fit to a ‘T’ to be at the helm of the Congress Party


Now it is a matter of days that Rahul Gandhi will be elected as the president of the Congress Party. The president of the party Sonia Gandhi has already given her green signal and is ready  to hand over the responsibility to her son who has proved himself to face the rough and  tumble of politics. At present he is the only leader the BJP is watching day in and day out to note what he says. His election campaign in Gujarat, the home state of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is attracting huge crowds and tremendous response from people of all castes, creeds and religions. His statements and speeches are reported to be pondered upon by the BJP brass to counter them. Neither his earnest wish nor willingness of Sonia Gandhi, but  it is  the demand  of the party leaders from the  senior ones  to the  cadre  on the  field who are eager to see him at  helm  of  affairs of the party.

Rahul Gandhi continues to be the unquestioned choice of all workers and leaders for the  post of party President, Congress  chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said  on October 4. He was responding to a question on the subject against the backdrop  of  the organizational elections  of the party  under way. Asked if the  party would  welcome a situation in which a worker or a leader chooses to contest the top post, Randeep Sujewala said  democratic principle  is the  basic base in the party and any  worker or leader is eligible to contest any post he chooses. However, the party workers and leaders realize the ground facts and the  responsibilities to be shouldered by  them.

Apart from the revelations made by the Congress spokesperson, it is a fact that having made a stronger and better image, Rahul Gandhi is all set to step into his mother’s shoes soon.


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