SCCL elections have given big boost to the ruling party in Telangana


The trade union of Singareni Collieries Company Limited  is  considered a strong labour  organization in Telangana. During elections, the  trade unions are supported  by  political parties and the  victory  of the  union reflects the  strength of  that political  party. The recently concluded  elections  to  SCCL were a contest between the  ruling party Telangana Rashtra  Samithi on  one side and all  opposition parties including the  TDP and  the  BJP on the other.

Buoyed by  the  victory of  TRS affiliated  Telangana  Boggu Gani Karmika Sangham in the  elections, the  Chief Minister,  K  Chandrasekhar Rao on October 6, said  the  opposition Congress, BJP,  TDP and Left parties had  no agenda  except to target his government.  It is  the  main objective of the opposition. The  workers  of the  collieries  knew the fact and supported our union. He said the  result was  a clear evidence that the opposition parties lost their existence. He ridiculed the claim  of the BJP  that  it emerged as an  alternative to the TRS when it got  two digit  figure in the  elections.

The  Chief Minister wondered why the Congress  was opposing the  constructive  projects of the government.  The Congress is opposing irrigation projects, Mission  Kakatiya and Mission  Bhagiratha. When  the  farmers are supporting  these projects, the Congress is opposing them.  He said  cases would be  booked against the leaders who would throw  baseless charges against the government. He was confident that the SCCL election result would repeat in 2019 elections. He said it was wrong that individuals or persons were responsible for the failures or successes of a political party. Reality is that situations play important role in winning elections. However it is the commitment of the parties towards the welfare of the people and the government’s efforts  to  achieve the  goal that decides the fate of political parties.


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