After rallies in Gujarat, Rahul’s tweets taking on PM Modi


In December, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh are going to polls and the BJP is trying its best to retain the former and wrest the latter from Congress, and vice versa for  the Congress. However, Gujarat’s is the prestigious fight as the state is the home of the  Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the BJP takes pride in calling it a model state under the  baton of  Narendra  Modi when he ruled the  state as the  Chief Minister. It is  unfortunate  for the  party  that after the exit of Narendra Modi, the  state  economically and  administratively has been  on  constant  decline. The anti-incumbency feelings have gripped the people. The BJP has lost many civic bodies to the  Congress in  recent past. Patel community is sore on the issue of reservation and its  leader Hardik Patel is  fast gaining  ground. Sedition charges were levelled against him and then the charges were withdrawn to soothe him.  Still the gulf of  differences between him and the BJP is glaringly existing.

Against this backdrop, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi visited Gujarat more than  once and got tremendous  response. As a poll  campaign, the  Prime  Minister visited Gujarat on October 16 and made every effort to take  the  people  for  a ride by launching  number of  schemes worth  crore  of  rupees. He said  it was a fight between development and  dynasty, taunting the  Congress. He  also alleged that the  Congress  did  not do justice to leaders like  Sardar Vallabhbhai  Patel and  Morarji Desai. In  his  style of making  comments, he levelled  many  other  allegations  against  Congress. On  the same  morning before Modi’s speech  Rahul Gandhi said  in a tweet, “A weather report: Ahead  of election, Gujarat  will  today have  a rain of rhetoric.” He used Hindi phrase, ‘Jumlon ki  barish.’ How  the media has  been  managed to  support the  BJP may  be  observed  from two  TV  reports. One TV report said there was a 7 lakh–strong audience in  PM’s meeting. The other channel showed the empty  chairs  and  said there were not more than one lakh people. Today, a number of electronic  and  print media  units are  giving false reports to support the BJP. This is  the  BJP  style of  allowing free  Press. On the U-turn of  the  United States on  Pakistan and saying that the  ties  with Pakistan are improving, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Modi Ji quick; looks like  President  Trump needs another  hug.” His tweet referred to the Prime Minister’s last visit to the US when both leaders hugged and  American President assured very good  relations.


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