Mamata blasts BJP for doing divisive politics


West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee once again castigated the ruling  party at the centre for its  policy of adopting divisive and  communal politics. The party is dividing people in the  name of religion,  she said and added it is a great danger for the unity and integrity of the country. On October 10, she was speaking  to press persons after inaugurating  Kali Puja in different temples. Indian tradition is based on  unity in  diversity and any attempt to create differences  on the basis  of  religion, caste  and  creed  should be  vehemently condemned.

The  Chief  Minister said religion is a personal matter and no one can interfere  in the religious matters of others. This a basic principle of secular state to give religious freedom and Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and faith. She said the BJP was following this dangerous  policy for  political gain.  The BJP is not gaining ground  in West Bengal and that  is why it is  trying to  create  communal divide and hatred.  Its efforts will be  frustrated by  the  people,  she expressed her confidence. The ruling party is more responsible  to  strengthen unity and  amity  among the people but the  BJP is  deviating from this path.  She asked people not to be trapped by the communal forces. Speaking about an episode, she said some objectionable material was thrown in a temple. One of the culprits who was caught red-handed admitted that he was the member of the BJP. While the people and the government are trying to maintain peace,  the BJP is  making efforts to  disturb tranquility, she added.


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