PM Modi fighting a losing battle in Gujarat Sheer bragging, lies come to his rescue


Among five state polls before general elections of 2019, those of Gujarat and Karnataka have prime importance, because the former is the home state of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi — the state that was called a ‘model state’ when he was the Chief Minister and this was exploited to the hilt to take people for a ride in the 2014 elections, and latter —Karnataka is the entry of the BJP to the southern states. Gujarat will go to poll before December 18 as announced by the Election Commission and polls in Karnataka will be held early next year. In an odd, at least in an unusual practice, the election date of Himachal Pradesh was announced, but the election commission avoided to disclose the date of Gujarat poll and said that it would be held before December 18. The Congress and other opposition parties flayed the election authorities for keeping an unnecessary curtain on the date and said it was working under the pressure of the ruling party BJP. If there is an iota of truth in this allegation, it means that the BJP is leaving nothing to chance. The election date or dates will be announced after the state government or the Prime Minister announces sops for the voters. After the date is declared it is not possible.  It seems the Prime Minister has made it a matter of prestige to see that his party succeeds to retain power in the state. At least his style and content of his speeches affirm our suspicion.

In his speech while addressing the BJP workers in Bhat village near Gandhinagar on October 9, he said the poll would be a fight between dynasty and development. He said the Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi was running dynasty. We remind him that at the tail-end of the BJP government headed by Atal Behari Vajpayee, the issue of the foreign origin of Sonia Gandhi was raised by the BJP and some other parties also joined the slogan that a person with foreign origin could not become the Prime Minister of the country. When some people approached the Supreme Court, the  Apex court rejected their contention. Then pressure was built on the then President A P J Abdul Kalam not to invite Sonia Gandhi to form government if Congress got majority. These were precautionary measures as the BJP was confident to regain power, but the slogan of feel good went awry and the BJP was defeated at the hustings. Sonia Gandhi was invited to form the government, but she sacrificed power and asked Manmohan Singh to be at the helm of affairs. However, the Prime Minister alleges that she is running a dynasty. Drawing from the past, Rahul Gandhi was made to wait for a long time to take reins from her mother despite a pressing demand from almost all the cadres and leaders. But the BJP thinks she is running dynasty. Rahul Gandhi who is receiving a tremendous response in his rallies so far did not speak a word in praise of his family or the past performance of his party but the dynasty is being targeted constantly.

The Prime Minister said at least this time the Congress would fight on development. Rahul Gandhi spoke on development that the Congress would bring to the state and tore into the empty slogans of the model state. It was sheer bragging when the Prime Minister said in Gujarati “I am development and I am Gujarat”. Now there is no development and people witnessed the miserable performance of the BJP government and it seems that they have made their mind to throw it out. PM was also sore over the social media that is mocking the development claims of the BJP. For the first time the BJP is observing that the social media that was used by it for the poll victory is hurting it.

It was a revelation for all when the PM hinted BJP existed in Nehru era. He said even Jawaharlal Nehru was afraid of the BJP. There is nothing new for the Prime Minister to make such historical blunders. The Prime Minister spoke a sheer lie when he said the Nehru-Gandhi family never liked Gujarat and Gujarati. He gave the examples of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Morarji Desai. The former maintained very close relations with Jawaharlal Nehru till he breathed his last and the latter revolted against Indira Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of the country.

Ignoring the scam that was revealed by the web channel The Wire involving Amit Shah’s son, the Prime Minister showered praises on the party president Amit Shah. We hope the friendship will be further strengthened.


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