While Taj Mahal is and will remain the pride of India, BJP leaders form a stigma on great democracy


Communalism, dividing society on the line of religion and creating enmity between Hindus and Muslims seem to be the basic principle of the BJP. Communal riots on the eve of elections are  a godsend opportunity for the party to polarize votes and win the elections. Muzaffarnagar communal violence  just  ahead of the  2014 election is the  best example to see the  strategy of the  party. BJP leaders  were  allegedly  involved in these riots and violence was exploited by  the party to sweep the Lok Sabha elections in  Uttar Pradesh and  consequently it got absolute  majority with the help of  the  UP votes. Otherwise, it was next to impossible. BJP never forgets the services of its leaders when it comes to reward them. Sangeet Som is  one of the  accused in  Muzaffarnagar riots and he was given ticket in the UP elections and  he  got elected. Now  he  is  in  the eye of storm with  his  controversial remarks on Muslim  rule in  India and particularly on Taj Mahal which is  the globally prestigious site of Indian  heritage. Many right-wing writers and BJP leaders created controversies on Taj Mahal and it was even claimed that it was actually a temple and a Raja presented  it to the  Moghal king Shah  Jahan. The government was asked  to clear its  stand and the  matter is being reviewed. Against this backdrop, no serious person will rake-up the issue. But in election  season, for the BJP it is a poll  compulsion to bring communal  issues  to the fore for polarization of votes.

With  this point  of view, UP MLA Sangeet Som recreated the row on October 16  and said Taj Mahal was a blot on Indian history because the rule of Mughal kings was barbaric  and extremely intolerant. He was speaking about the controversy that cropped up when the UP government did not print the  picture of Taj Mahal in UP’s official tourism handbook. When the state was criticized, the Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath said Taj remained the integral part of the state and Indian cultural heritage. Sangeet Som even ignored the comment of the  CM and said the monument was a blot on Indian history. The row has been raised only to polarize the votes of majority community in the states that are going to polls. The irony of the circumstances is that some other BJP leaders backed Sangeet Som and lauded his comments.

The MLA  blasted the  Moghal rule but  proved that he  is  ignorant of Indian history. He said  the one who built Taj Mahal imprisoned his father. On the contrary, Shah Jahan who built Taj  Mahal in the memory of  his wife Mumtaz Mahal, was put in detention by his son Aurangzeb. When those who are as  ignorant of history as an eggshell of hair commenting  on  kingdoms,   one  may  think about the  capability and calibre of leaders and legislators belonging  to the BJP. It seems Sangeet Som was tutored by some ill-informed person. He repeated the story thinking that he was performing the duty of polarizing the voters in the  poll-bound states.


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