BJP’s outburst against Tipu Sultan Jayanti yet again exposes party’s communal bias


It is an undeniable fact that the Bharatiya Janata Party has always twisted history to condemn Muslim rulers and call their regime as black period while  claiming that during the Ved’s era India knew the missile technology. No modern historian or scientist can support what is believed by the BJP leaders including the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the contrary these Western research  scholars and scientists have mocked at what they  called absurd beliefs.  The BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders contradict the Western ideas  as  far as the prehistoric  days are concerned but when it comes to modern history they put their belief in  British writers, many of whom distorted  history to create  hatred between Muslims and  Hindus. Barring a few, many Indian authors reflected the truth in their history books. Among many Muslim kings, Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan were chosen to twist the history about them and tarnish their image. There are authoritative historians even some of them English and also Hindus who said both of these rulers kept the cause of the people at heart and never discriminated on the basis  of  religion. Tipu Sultan was the first freedom fighter who fought against British forces to chase them away from India. There is popular folklore in Mysore which narrated its ruler’s virtues. Apart from this, it is the BJP’ basic stand to blemish Muslim history.

The people of Mysore are all praise for their past ruler and keeping these sentiments of masses, the Congress government in Karnataka started to celebrate Tipu Sultan’s Jayanti. The  BJP has always  opposed  the fete but this year the  party leaders got shriller. The union minister Anant Kumar Hedge was first who wrote a letter to the chief secretary of Karnataka government  that his name  be dropped from the list of invitees to the function.  He levelled serious charges against the Mysore ruler alleging that he was a brutal killer and mass rapist. The outburst is totally baseless. Then many BJP leaders followed him. The Congress  strongly refuted the charge and said the union minister should not have thrown the charges against the  Mysore ruler. The  Pradesh Congress Committee released an old picture that showed the former BJP CM Jagadish Shettar sported Tipu tarban. It also released the pictures of  BJP leaders  who participated in the Tipu Jayanti. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said the  BJP adopted double standards and the  party  leaders  did  not  know the history. The  former Chief Minister Yeddyurappa who is  the state  president of the BJP and  also the party face for the CM post in coming elections participated in  the Jayanti celebrations  when he was the Karnataka  Janta Paksha leader. It means  the belief of the BJP  leaders varies from time to time and party to party.

The  Chief Minister  said  only to stick to protocol, the names of the  BJP leaders were included in the invites. They may or may not attend, the  government would go ahead with the official programmes. The BJP said  it was an appeasement policy, but it is not the appeasement of  Muslims. Instead it is the appeasement of the people of Mysore. It is the communal strategy of the BJP that provokes  its leaders to oppose  and cry foul  against Taj Mahal and Muslim rulers Tipu Sultan, Aurangzeb and  others.


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