Hiding corruption under the cover of protecting reputation?


Erasing the stigma of  corruption from the politics and administration of  India is the main goal  of the  government, as  claimed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but  it appears the Rajasthan government  headed by  Vasundhara  Raje  is  least bothered about this motto.

At a time  when  the  corruption charges are being  raised by the main opposition, Congress  party, the Rajasthan  government has promulgated an ordinance  barring  the media from disclosing the names of public  servants including  judges and magistrates under investigation until prior sanction is granted for their prosecution.  The ordinance amends The Criminal Code of Procedure 1973 and makes it an offence for any person to print or publish any name, address or any other details that may lead to the disclosure of the identity of a judicial officer or public servant. The ordinance was signed by the Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh last month, but the matter has come to light only now. The question arises whether it was a pressingly important matter on which an ordinance had to be brought about and if so why the matter was kept under the carpet. The bar is restricted to acts done by public servants in the course of discharging their official duties.

These amended provisions are applicable to both serving and retired public servants. Prior sanction is needed even for ordering a probe. The opposition Congress castigated the Chief Minister for these amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act and alleged that the government officials were neck deep in corruption.  Pradesh Congress  president  Sachin  Pilot  said the ordinance would  create  cover for corrupt public servants and encourage others  to indulge in wrongdoing.

The Chief Minister defended the move and said it was necessary  to protect reputation and regard  of the  public  servants.


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