Vicaruddin declares unstinted support to Palestine, Mahmood Abbas aide vows to fight to the finish


It was a grand and massive meeting organized by Indo-Arab League held at Taj Krishna Hotel on October 28 to reiterate solidarity to the cause of Palestine and also it was a rare one because not only seven Arab countries envoys attended and supported the cause of Palestine but also political parties were firm to continue their whole-hearted favour to the struggle of Palestinians. The welcome speech of Syed Vicaruddin Qadri, the chairman of  the organization, who was feeling unease  in his throat, was read out by his nephew Asad Ameeruddin. He said the league has been struggling for reinforcing bilateral ties between India and Arab countries apart from building public opinion in favour of the struggle of Palestinians for achieving the goal of independent state for five decades. Besides almost all Prime Ministers of  India  and other dignitaries attended the programmes of the organisaion, the PLO chairman and global pioneer of Palestinian cause Yasser Arafat visited Hyderabad and addressed the meeting conducted by Indo-Arab League, he said and added the details of the future programmes of the organization which has completed 50-year of  voluntary  service.

The chief  guest Mahmoud Al Habbash, supreme  judge and special advisor to president of Palestine recalled  the long struggle of  Palestinians and worst cruel atrocities of Israel on  innocent Palestinians  and declared  the historic  fight would  continue  till the goal was achieved. He lambasted the British government who initiated Balfour declaration for grabbing the Palestinian land for the first habitation of Israelis. It was Britain and the US who created Israel that indulged in bloodshed and crossed all limits of torture and violation of human rights against Palestinians. He welcomed the accord between Al Fateh and Hamas and hoped the goal of Independent state would soon be achieved. Once people were jailed for raising Palestinian flag, but in the surge of global acceptance of Palestine, the flag waved in over 130 countries. His Arabic speech was translated in Urdu by Prof  Jahangir.

Addressing the meeting Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana, Mohammad Mahmood Ali said the Telangana government is firm to extend support to the cause of Palestine. He lauded the policy initiated by Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru towards Palestine.

The Palestinian and other Arab countries envoys present forcefully supported the Independent  Palestine and were hopeful that their struggle would soon meet the goal because justice could not be suppressed so long.

Former Cogress MP  V Hanumanth Rao, CPI leader Aziz Pasha and CMP senior leader D Raja also spoke and extended support from their parties to the cause of Palestine. Vice president of the organization Mir Akbar Ali Khan compered the proceeding. The massive gathering included political leaders, intellectuals, dignitaries from various walks  of life opinion makers and journalists.


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