GST adds misery to traders and people’s problems


The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) by the government of  India was miserably mishandled. No doubt the matter was discussed in Parliament and state assemblies nod was also obtained but the amendments proposed by the Congress and other opposition parties were rejected in a haphazard manner and the Bill was passed hastily. Hence the opposition by the Congress and other political parties. The GST council has reviewed the rates many a times but still a large number of traders are finding it irksome and opposing the tax. The Telangana government insisted to reduce the tax on the cost of projects taken up by the state and the  rate was cut but the Chief Minister  K Chandrasekhar Rao is not satisfied with the reduction allowed by  the  GST council. Some states are opposing it vehemently. The Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee dubbed the tax as ‘Great Selfish Tax’. The difficulty with the  Modi government is that it is least bothered about the objections raised by the opposition. The need to review the rates of GST is evident from the  opinion  by none other but the  revenue secretary of the  government of India Hasmukh Adhia  who  said  that some  overhaul of GST  rates is needed  to reduce  the burden on small and medium businesses and the  common man.

The other flaw is that awareness has not been created among the people who are to  pay the tax. This resulted in malpractices by  some businessmen. Recent reports say that shopkeepers are trying to encash from the  ignorance of  consumers. Even as product  is under  zero per cent GST slab, shopkeepers are extracting 18 per cent on it. According  to press reports on November 9, within ten days  more than 4000 complaints were received by  the  Telangana  government that consumers  were being taken for a ride by businessmen. The government of India should take all steps to create awareness among people about different slabs and goods charged under them.


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