Telangana making history again by supplying 24×7 free power to farm sector


It was the YSR government that started supplying 8 hours free power to the farm sector and it was an uphill task for the state which was facing power shortage. Still the suicides by farmers were on the rise and the Andhra Pradesh was next to Maharashtra on the farmers suicide chart. After the bifurcation of the state when Telangana came into being, power shortage was the most challenging task to handle. However, the Chief  Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was firmly determined to continue free power supply to farmers. Meanwhile the Telangana government took number of steps to reduce the hardships of farmers and to redress their grievances. The Chief Minister is now set to make history by giving free power to farmers for 24×7 hours. Some states are giving free power to farmers but no state could opt for the venture of 24×7 hours  supply.

Round-the-clock power supply is being given in three former districts of Karimnagar, Medak  and Nangonda and now the government plans to extend the  facility across the state. On experimental basis, the supply commenced from November 6. It will be seen whether TS-  Genco and TS-Transco can cope up with the  round-the-clock supply  across the state. The Chief Minister held a meeting with the executives of the utilities and asked them to ensure the production of power to start the plan from March-April next year. The officials said during experimental process the supply would be monitored sub-station wise, division-wise and  transformer-wise and if gaps occur they would be  reviewed so the next year plan does not hit any  hurdle. The determination of the Chief Minister should be lauded by  one and all.


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