Even 70 years after Independence, starvation deaths blemish the image of the country: Woman denied ration, dies of hunger


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is playing a stellar role in the international fora as the head of the  fastest economy of the  world, but the dark side is woefully gloomy. Economic  growth  is on  the  slump, hit by demonetization and  GST, people  particularly the  poor and the middle class are struggling to bring their lives on the track, ever rising market prices and the  youth are being tormented by  joblessness but this is not the  end to story of people’s woes. The country is witnessing starvation deaths. Not that there is so acute scarcity of food in the country. Scenario is not so dismal. However, the rulers have made the mess intricately  messier.  Aadhaar is the national identity compulsory for every citizen. The identity across the nation is welcome, but its linkage to government sobs and almost all day to day necessities has made the life so tormenting and torturous as never before. Thanks to the policy planners  at the  government of India. On account of this misplaced wisdom, we have come across starvation deaths in today’s India.

It is reported from Bareily in UP that  a 50-old-woman died of starvation on November 14, after the family was denied ration as she could not be present at the ration  shop for fingerprints authentication for Asahaar. The family of Sakina Ashfaq who was paralysed claimed that she had not eaten for five days and died of starvation as they  were denied food  under the  Public  Distribution System for  November.  Sakina was named as the head of the family in the ration card. Her husband said his wife died because of hunger. They begged the ration shop owner but he said  he  would not give anything without the biometrics.

Now it is worth recalling that on September 28 this year a 11-year-old girl allegedly died of starvation in Jharkhand. The family was struck off from government welfare rolls for  not linking their ration card  with the Aadhaar. When enquired of the concerned officials , they said they never issued any order for making  the linkage of Aadhaar  mandatory in such cases. Despite  the  PM  claim of  all round  development  in the country, the ever increasing  turmoil has engulfed the life of a common man.


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