Farooq Abdullah’s controversial statement against national stand on Kashmir


Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah is a seasoned politician of the state. His father Shaik Abdullah was one who persuaded the former ruler of the state Hari Singh to join India in the wake of partition when the British rulers gave options to more than 500 princely states to join either India or Pakistan or remain independent. When Kashmir acceded to India, Pakistan without any loss of time attacked India and grabbed a portion of the state. India gave fitting reply to Pakistan and repulsed the enemy forces. The intervention of the UNO stopped the war and heard the matter presented by both sides. After long debate, the UNO passed a resolution on plebiscite which could not be implemented because Pakistan did not fulfill the condition of withdrawing the forces from the illegally grabbed Kashmir. Now more than 70 years later, the resolution turned redundant, but Pakistan and the extreme faction of Hurriyat Conference in India are insisting that plebiscite should be conducted. The supporters of the UNO resolution forgot the fact that during the past decades, Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan, Indira Gandhi and Vajpayee held talks with their counterparts Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Shareef respectively and agreed that the Kashmir issue would be solved by negotiations across the table. It is a matter of anguish that Peoples Democratic Party which got majority in the election joined hands with the BJP which captured all seats in Jammu region to form the government. It is the first government in Kashmir which allowed the situation of law and order to drift to the worst.

After two years of unrest, now Modi government sent to Kashmir its special representative Dineshwar Sharma who was authorized to talk to all stakeholders. Farooq Abdullah said the  appointment of interlocutor would not serve any purpose and demanded that his report should be presented to the Parliament. Against this background former Chief Minister on November 11 said independent Kashmir was not viable as the region was landlocked by China, Pakistan and India and all the three countries are nuclear powers. He said the Pak-occupied Kashmir was part of Pakistan and the Valley and Jammu that are with India are the part and parcel of India. Farooq Abdullah said Kashmiris joined India out of love but India betrayed them and autonomy was denied. Farooq Abdullah who is the president of National Conference ruled the state as the Chief Minister and his son Omer Abdullah had also been at the helm of affairs as the Chief Minister. Contrary to their present stand, they had demanded Pakistan to vacate the illegally occupied territory. What is the cause of somersault now? Instead of reviewing the ground reality, we should speak of principles. Pakistan attacked India and illegally grabbed the area and  it should withdraw its occupation. Why this submissive stand should be adopted ignoring  realities? As far as autonomy to the region is concerned, Shaik Abdullah  in an agreement with India conceded that autonomy would not be demanded. Again why did they not make this demand when they were the Chief Ministers. It means they are more bothered about power than the fate of the people of Kashmir. Both BJP and Congress rightly condemned the statement of Farooq Abdullah. Gulam Nabi Azad, a senior Congress leader from Kashmir, said both Kashmir and Pak-occupied Kashmir are the regions which are the part and parcel of India and condemned the views expressed by the National Conference leader.  Farooq Abdullah’s current statement ignores the aggression by Pakistan and the nation’s stand on Kashmir.


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