I T notice to Chidambaram quashed, shows political bias by bureaucrats

CHENNAI: P Chidambaram and his son Karti P

Bureaucracy has always been the backbone of any government. The first bane on the part of the government staff is that the majority of them is corrupt despite the fact that Anti-corruption department makes it efforts to punish the staff members who are tainted by corruption. However, graft cannot be eliminated from the government departments until and unless the politicians vowed to give up corrupt practices which start from the elections to their whole career as MLAs, MLCs, MPs and then ministers. Lokayuktas are there to curb graft on the part of politicians and others but their functioning is not above the board. The Lokpal post for which Anna Hazare launched the historic movement is not established so far. The other evil  trend among the bureaucracy  is that the officers have political bias towards the ruling party for sops and other benefits. A stark example of political bias has come to light recently.

The  Madras High Court on November 13 quashed demand  notices by the  Income  Tax department to former Union Minister P Chidambaram, his wife Nalni Chidambaram, son Karti and daughter-in-law Srinidhi Karti seeking payment of tax along with penalty for income earned by them from a 200-acre  coffee estate in  the  official year 2009-10.

Justice T S Sivagnanam allowed the writ petition by Chidambaram family on the  ground  that the assessing officer had given no plausible reason for reopening the  case in  2016  despite the fact that the entire process closed in 2011. The judge observed that it was discriminatory to  single  out members of one particular family from among  thousands of assesses. This bias on the part of bureaucracy is generally seen but sometimes the ruling party is instrumental to spread  the feeling  of  political discrimination particularly when it is supported  by the  vast cadre of  workers.


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