Rahul distinguishes himself from PM Modi, says no remark against person or post, only policies are flayed


On the eve of Gujarat poll, when the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress are locked in a now or never battle, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi who sees  Tsunami of his party in the state, maintained high ethical standards of poll campaign and declared that because the PM post denotes the people’s mandate no remark against person or post is made by his party and only anti-people policies are flayed. While holding an interaction with social media volunteers and party campaigners on November 12 in Palanpur in north Gujarat during a 3-day campaign leading his party’s Navsarjan Yatra, he said,  “We will counter the lies of the  BJP with truth, not with anger. You are Congress workers. You must maintain dignity…The position of the PM represents the people of India, so we will never disrespect that position”.  Rahul Gandhi who is dubbed as ‘immature’ by the BJP leaders proved himself to be a model of a seasoned leader who is not prepared to sacrifice the political morality and ethical norms for poll campaign. With his action and utterance, he taunted the Prime Minister for his campaign speech in which he called the Congress a ‘rotten thought’ and ‘laughing club’ which we reviewed in this column in our last issue.

The Prime Minister also criticized the dynastic politics forgetting a fact that all the leaders from Nehru-Gandhi family got mandate from the people. Criticizing or mocking at them is nothing but disrespecting the people who voted them to power. If Prime Minister can stoop so low to gain political milelage, his confidante Amit Shah and others would certainly speak the Bazari language (street lingo) in expressing their views. However, our voters are wise enough to judge the leaders from their speeches. The people are already disappointed with the performance of the Modi government which did not fulfill a single promise from the voluminous manifesto the star campaigner Narendra Modi presented in huge rallies on the eve of 2014 elections. He succeeded to take them for a ride by making convincing speeches but the scenario is quite different now when the youths are running from pillar to post in search of jobs, the people are overburdened by sky-rocketing prices of consumer goods; micro, small and medium traders are hit by GST; economy backtracked by the miscalculated step of demonetization; export  pace  reversed; high  slogan and flagship schemes like Sawachh Bharat,  Make in India and  others are still to give positive results; despite warnings  from the  Prime Minister cow vigilantes are killing  people from Muslim minority and Dalits on the flimsy pretexts and the outbursts of Sangh Parivar leaders  are polluting the atmosphere as never before.

The Prime Minister is overemphasizing his priority to curb corruption but people wondered why he kept mum when Amit Shah’s son faced charges of grave irregularities in his business in which he made a profit of Rs 80 lakh out of an investment of Rs 50000 within an span of  one year or so. Despite the demand of an inquiry by all opposition parties, the government  lapped up the statement of Amit Shah that his son did not commit any malfunctioning. Instead of conducting any probe into the magic trick of the business, the government allowed deputy attorney general to defend his case. Those at the helm of affairs are enjoying blessing from the government which is making claims from the rooftops that it has zero tolerance for corruption. Like a bolt from the blue, now the Chief Minister of poll-bound Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, is facing corruption charges. Rahul Gandhi blasted the Prime Minister for not taking any action against the Chief Minister whose firm was slapped with a fine by the Securities and Exchange Board of India for alleged manipulative share trading practices. The BJP is upset seeing huge response to the rallies of Rahul Gandhi who claimed that  it  is a Tsunami of Congress in the Gujarat  and his party would sweep the  poll.


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