A secret collusion between Central Shia Wakf Board UP and CM Yogi?


Central Shia Wakf Board UP which has now supported the outside settlement of the Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir dispute is neither the party to the long pending court case nor it has any legal status to be active as a mediator.  During the long pending legal battle, the Central Shia Wakf Board has never expressed its views about the crucial issue. Everyone is wondering what provoked Waseem Rizvi to turn enthusiastic and enter into dialogue with Hindu religious leaders and Mahants and come out with a formula. He on November 20, moved the Supreme Court for permission to place on record a settlement worked out by the UP Shia Central Wakf Board with the Hindu stake holders in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute. The plea comes ahead of the scheduled hearing of the dispute in the Supreme Court on December 5. The application filed by Waseem Rizvi said the Shia board moved the proposal to settle the dispute outside court as it created a feeling of acrimony among the majority community and the Muslim minority. He claimed that he had a series of meetings, discussions and deliberations with the concerned parties belonging to the majority community and other religious leaders. According to the compromise between the two, the Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya and a mosque will be constructed in Lucknow.  Addressing a press conference, he said his formula was filed in the Suprme Court and now it was up to the court to take its decision. There was no need of any mosque in Ayodhya which was a city of temples, he added. A party to the court dispute Mahant Dharam Das and others signed the compromise. The chairman Akhara Prishad Narendra Giri who is one of the signatories to their compromise was present in the press conference.

The claim of Waseem Rizvi was rejected by Sunni religious leaders and Muslim Personal Law Board which is the party to the case. The member and lawyer representing the board Zaferyab Jilani mocked at the compromise and said the Shia Wakf Board had no legal status and said the plea of the Shia Wakf Board was dismissed by the court in 1949 and thereafter the board never made any claim. The irony of the circumstances is that many Shia religious leaders rejected the  claim of Waseem Rizivi. The representative of the Shia Personal Law Board Maulana Yakoob Abbas said his board supported the stand of the Muslim Personal Law Board and totally rejected the claim of Shia Wakf  Board.

In 2010, the Allahabad High Court in its judgment divided the land in three parts.  While it gave one portion to the Muslim claimants, two portions were allotted to Nirmohi  Akhara and other Hindu parties to the case. Both Muslim and Hindu religious leaders rejected the verdict and approached the Supreme Court which will hear the case from December 5. So far many attempts to solve the dispute outside the court failed while UP Shia Central Board made one more effort. It is intriguing to note that the board which maintained silence on the issue for so many years, now woke up and spoke in a way that the Barbri Mosque which was demolished in 1992 was its sole property. This turn of events provoked many people to think whether the Chief Minister Yogi Adithyanath was behind this sudden excitement and worry of the Central Shia Wakf Board to find a solution of the dispute outside the court or Waseem Rizivi was showing his loyalty to the ruling BJP for his personal interests.


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