Chidambaram blasts PM Modi for ignoring Indira Gandhi’s birth centenary


On November 19 was former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s birth centenary but the  government was little bothered to celebrate.  The Congress Party and voluntary organizations celebrated the occasion and paid tributes to the first and so far the last woman Prime Minister of the country.  She brought green revolution and took up schemes for removal of  poverty. She offered supreme sacrifice for the country and made a daring step to go to the  rescue of the  people of the then East Pakistan where Pak army played havoc on the natives for not supporting the leader of the West Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and this historic struggle of the people supported by India resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. On the peace side, she made a historic Simla agreement with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto which stipulated that India and Pakistan would solve their bilateral disputes through negotiations.

She took a faulty step which she acknowledged later that Emergency was a mistake and she  would never repeat it. Ignoring one of the tallest leaders of the country is the most despicable  mistake. Referring to this biased attitude of the government, former Union Finance Minister  P Chidambaram said the government did not celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of  the  former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He said, “It is a shame that the country is not celebrating the birth centenary of its only female Prime Minister.”  He said the Congress was doing it in its own  way, but the government should have celebrated it.  P Chidambaram was speaking at a discussion titled, ‘Remembering Indira’ Commemorating Her Birth Centenary on the occasion of Tata Literature Live festival in Mumbai.

The former Finance Minister was mistaken when he expected that the Modi government would have celebrated the birth centenary of the pivotal figure of our history when the Prime Minister did not give any due respect to the former Congress Prime Ministers including Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He presented a dark picture of our history particularly Congress regimes not only in his rallies in India but even at his meetings abroad.


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