Old guards will play positive role during Rahul regime


Now when Rahul Gandhi is to take on the mantle of the Congress president next month, political quarters are of the view that senior leaders who held important  posts and  played key role in the organization would  face an axe and the new President would choose his new team. Party sources said while some may be removed, other senior leaders would continue to serve the party and may be in different capacities.

As a matter of fact, over the past year, Rahul Gandhi put leaders of his choice in important positions and others were sidelined. It is not a sudden change for the party organization. For the last two to three years, Rahul’s elevation was certain.  It was a matter of time only. The time chosen by Sonia Gandhi for transferring power gave much time for Rahul Gandhi to see political events and acquaint himself with the leaders at different levels.

It was at his instance that All India Congress Committee appointed three general secretaries . In April this year, Kerala MP K C Venugopal was appointed general secretary in charge of Karnataka. In May Avinash Pande was made general secretary in charge of Rajasthan and in September Deepak  Babria took charge as the  general secretary of Madhya Pradesh. Some other office bearers were also appointed with his consent only. While taking part in election campaigns, he is keen to observe the performance of leaders holding important posts.

Sources say that more than easing out the old guards, he is expected to promote several party secretaries and reshuffle them according to his assessment.  The most important question is will he have a political secretary as Sonia Gandhi had Ahmed Patel?  The Gujarat leader who made a dramatic victory in the Rajya Sabha elections may not be chosen by him. However some big leaders who have never been sincere or devoted in serving the party should be shunted out as deadwood.


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