BJP stoops to a new low, raises doubt over Rahul’s religion


Religion is a personal matter and everyone is emotional about it. But political parties misused it to create emotional and sentimental differences among the people. It was the BJP which started it in a big way when it raised the Barbri Masjid-Ram Mandir issue and scaled its popularity graph from the lowest to the highest. However the courts have imposed restrictions on exploitation of religious feeling and conducting the poll campaign in the name of caste, creed or region.

As the Gujarat poll campaign hots up, the BJP stoops to new low and raises doubt over the  religion of Rahul Gandhi. It was a usual matter when he visited Somnath temple, the BJP alleged that he signed the register meant for non-Hindus. The temple allowed non-Hindus but they have to sign the register meant for them.

The Congress media cell asserted that Rahul Gandhi was a ‘Janeu Dhari’ Hindu and released photos in this regard when he was applying ‘Tilak’. He signed the register meant for Hindus but his signature exists in the register which is kept for non-Hindus. The Congress said it was a fabricated one. Now the BJP insisted that the Congress declare the religion of its leader. There is hardly any iota of doubt that Rahul Gandhi is Hindu. Making it a matter of dispute by the BJP  means the party is  desperate to find something  that can help  it in the poll campaign.


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