Hazrat Mohammad’s (PBUH) message for all, relevant forever


Islam, basically means peace and submission to God, is the religion which was announced and spread by the divine Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in the sixth century from the Arabian peninsula which was not so developed compared to surrounding nations and in fact it was the land of mostly ignorance, illiteracy and infighting among the tribes. It was the will of God to raise the sun from the land of darkness. Hazrat Mohammd (PBUH) was born in the year 570 AD in a respectable tribe of Quraish. He was considered the most pious and trustworthy person in Mecca, the place of his birth. At the age of 40, when the divine book Qur’an was revealed on him, he called the people who rushed  to listen to him, but were flabbergasted  to hear the unexpected. His message was the divine order. He told the people to believe in one God, the creator of the universe and stop worshipping the numerous idols at Kaba’a. He also declared that he was the Prophet of God. The person who never uttered a lie in his whole life was telling something surpassing their understanding. Some believed in him, whole-heartedly  accepted his message and turned Muslims. Then began the everlasting confrontation between the truth and the false. He faced threats and even attacks on his life and at last Muslims were forced to leave Mecca.

The life in Madina saw many ups and  downs, many fights with non-believers and many  untold sufferings, but the followers of Islam were determined to spread the message of God under the leadership of  the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). At last, he was crowned with victory and entered Mecca. The non-believers were frightened to face the merciless revenge but to their utter and unexpected joy, the Prophet of Islam announced total forgiveness for all. After this victory, there was no stop for growing and gripping Islam. Till the  demise of the fourth Caliph Hazrat Ali,  more or less the  one-fourth of the globe was under the reign of Islam.

At present, Muslims represent the second largest population of the world and Islam is the  fastest growing religion compared  to any other faith of the world.

However, some misguided persons are trying to spread the message of peace with the means of terror and torture. They are doing great disservice, disgracing and destroying the divine  charm of Islam and putting  hurdles in the  growing urge of Islam. More than 45 Muslim countries are not following the principles of the religion that teaches peace and unity.  The day, they practice the Truth,  Islam will  conquer the globe conferring on  it peace, love and  amity.


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