Modi’s poll campaign: Bundle of lies has no parallel


As the news reports say, the ruling  BJP which is considered the richest political party has been spending crores of rupees on the assembly elections in Gujarat to retain power in the home state of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The question arises as to how the political party which was in opposition a couple of years ago, has reportedly become the richest political power in the country. The media never hinted at the monetary resources of the Congress which ruled the country decades together. The corporate world which contributes donations to all political parties can give money but not votes and the mandate has to be gained by political leaders by making promises, true or false. Narendra Modi proved his mettle in 2014 elections but approaching the end of his tenure, he is worried about the 2019 polls. When no poll promise was fulfilled, no high-sounding scheme fructified and no grand employment plan was implemented, the worries of the ruling party are understandable. On the contrary, the people are suffering from the catastrophic effects of demonetization and imposition  of  the GST. In the last general elections, it was a miracle clicked by Modi who took the people for a ride. Now the  crucial election which is seen as the indicator to the Lok Sabha poll is  ahead  of him in his home state of Gujarat. He enjoyed the immense popularity among masses and classes, and which due to dismal performance is on the decline now. He is holding the highest post that demands  respect and regard from every nook and corner. He prides his spotless character but with all these positive aspects he did not hesitate to stoop as low as to level baseless charges against the main rival Congress in his poll campaign.

In his blitzkrieg against Congress, at a rally in Bhoj in Kutch district on November 27, he said he would sell tea again but would never sell the country. In elections, power transfers from one  party to another. If you lose an election, it is not selling the state or country to another party. The people are choosing their rulers on the performance of the ruling party. He levelled a serious charge against the Congress that it expressed happiness when the Pak Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Hafiz Sayeed was released by the court of that country. There is hardly any basis for this allegation. Rahul Gandhi taunted the Prime Minister that he was in cloud nine when he hugged the US president Donald Trump but despite the strong ties with the big power, Pakistan which is supposed to be under the thump of America, did not hesitate to earn the anger of the old benefactor and set free the globally notorious terrorist. In this statement, is there any  indication that the  Congress  was happy over the  release of the terrorist? However, the  Prime Minister levelled baseless allegations and tried to convince the people that  the Congress is sans patriotism.

The Prime Minister alleged that during the  Doklam  stand  off, Rahul Gandhi visited the  Chinese ambassador.  Modi said Rahul hugged the Chinese envoy. He tried to convey the message that the Congress vice president supported the enemy. This is also a serious but baseless charge to mislead the people. During the crisis, the government was more or less mum to reveal the ins and outs of the confrontation. Is it against the government or the country if the opposition leader visited the Chinese ambassador.  With its action and speech, the ruling party tries to impress the people directly or indirectly that only BJP  is the fountain of patriotism and other are the foes of the country. This misleading attitude should be condemned with all the force at the command of the people.

Having spoken all the bundle of lies, the Prime Minister attempted to invoke the ‘son-of-the-soil’ sentiments. He said the Congress had always been averse to Gujarat and therefore Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was mistreated by Jawaharlal Nehru. This is the biggest lie which was reiterated by the Prime Minister many a time. Then he sought votes on the ground that he is the ‘son-of-the-soil’. No doubt lies fly freely at election rallies of all political leaders but the  Prime Minister crossed all limits disregarding the fact that he is holding the highest position in the country.


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