Rahul going great guns in Gujarat, questions Rafale deal


While Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is engaged in hectic electioneering blasting the Congress that the party was leveling  baseless charges, the  vice-president  of  the Congress Rahul Gandhi was rebutting the BJP allegations and exposing the lies uttered by the BJP leaders. The latter’s rallies are going great guns attracting huge crowds. Neither BJP nor the Congress is taking slightest chance lest the rival gains ground. However, the media reports say that the ruling party was spending crores of rupees. On this account, the Congress is lagging far behind.  The Election Commission officials have seized several vehicles carrying unaccounted cash and liquor. This election is, no doubt, the most keenly fought poll battle in recent times. The results will have far-reaching consequences for the rivals.

Rahul Gandhi in his poll rally questioned the  government  about  Rafale purchase deal and said the Prime  Minister did not want to answer the questions and therefore the Parliament session was put off. He asked about the difference between the first and second contract of the deal for the purchase of the fighter jets. He asked whether due process was followed and cabinet approval was  got for the deal.  While the Congress campaigns are based on ground  realities and the  failures of the Modi government,  the Prime Minister in his meeting  went emotional and said he was the son of the soil and the Congress had bias against the state of Gujarat.

Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma denounced Prime Minister’s remarks that baseless allegations were levelled against him. He said PM Modi went to Uttar Pradesh and abused Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, levelled charges against Lalu Pradesh Yadav in Bihar, then why the Congress could not criticize Narendra Modi in Gujarat. He also said the Prime Minister resorted to sheer lie when he charged that the Congress clapped when the Pak terrorist Hafiz Sayeed was set free by the Pak court.


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