BJP’s another baseless charge against Congress


At last the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has admitted that Rahul Gandhi  is a serious competitor and consequently to humble  him,  he has doubled the false  contents in his  campaign  speeches. In Gujarat campaign, he flayed the senior Congress leader and legal luminary Kapil Sibal for linking the Ayodhya issue with polls. He said that pleading on behalf  of Sunni Wakf Board, Kapil  Sibal made a plea to the Supreme  Court to  defer the  hearing of the case till the Lok  Sabha polls in 2019 were over. Kapil Sibal said he never pleaded for the  Sunni Wakd  Board. He asked the Prime Minister to check the facts before going public on any issue. The fact was not checked by the Prime Minister.

Differences came to the fore about the deferment of the case. Muslim Personal Law Board supported the lawyer but Sunni Wakf Board said Kapil Sibal did not represent them and they would not favour that the hearing of the case be deferred. Thus the  Muslim  community is now  divided on the issue. However, the Supreme Court rejected the plea made by Kapil Sibal.

The BJP has come out  with  a serious  charge that Kapil  Sibal made the  plea at the  instance of the Congress which  wants to put  off  the case. The Congress strongly refuted the charge and  said it  had nothing  to  do with the hearing of the case. The party would accept the verdict of the court whenever it may come.

While finding fault  with Kapil  Sibal, the Prime Minister  forgot the  history of  the  dispute that it had been the BJP which exploited the  issue for the  elections  for decades together. The Masjid-Mandir dispute had been the lifeblood for the BJP for a long time. The issue  is  still exploited by the party to  gain political mileage.


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