CM KCR embarks on Golden Telangana mission


Now fresh with the grand success of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and the launch of the Metro Rail which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is planning to frame Telangana Vision 2024. The global event GES which was also opened by the Prime Minister and attended by the US President’s daughter Ivanka Trump was globally lauded. The credit goes to the Chief Minister to get the  GES to  be  held in the newly carved state of Telangana. The opposition parties are leaving no stone unturned to tarnish the image of the Chief Minister, but his stock is raising day by day. He has fulfilled almost all promises made by his party for the welfare of the poor, downtrodden  and the minorities and the government took up new schemes also. To fill up the thousands of vacancies in government department is a big challenge and the state service commission has taken it up.

Meanwhile it is reported that Chief Minister has entrusted the responsibility to prepare the plan for the first decade that is Telangana’s Vision 2024 to the Centre for Good Goverance (CGG). Thirty four departments have been asked to collect details of the works and future plans and complete the job before December 31, 2017. The vision is aimed at giving a direction to the state for the next five years starting from 2019. This is yet another step to take the state ahead  on the path of surging progress.



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