Gujarat win will be the first gift by President Rahul Gandhi to the Congress


Media, the greater portion of which is mortgaged with the BJP which is reportedly spending thousands of crores to win the Gujarat elections by hook or crook, is now presenting the ground reality in the state. So far, the writers and the reporters in the newspapers   acknowledged the efforts made by Rahul Gandhi, but predicted that the Congress would be able to increase the tally not so much as to win the poll. On the eve of the first phase on  December 9 current poll prediction says  both the BJP and the  Congress are neck and neck. The Lokniti-CSDS-ABP News poll says there could be a dead heat between BJP and Congress with the former just scraping through to a win. When there is dead heat no poll survey should predict the win because till the elections are held any twist in the trend may happen.

It is also reported that the BJP is worried about 98 constituencies in rural areas where the  BJP vote graph is constantly on the decline. In 2012 elections, the BJP could win only 50 seats in 98 constituencies and now the graph still fell down. Patel movement has gained ground while the  general public is sore over demonetization and the haphazard introduction of the GST. Feeling the pulse of the people, the BJP is reported to have requested the Prime Minister to address more number of rallies. As the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who was brought to the state with the hope that he would gather votes in the name of Hindutva failed to attract the  people, the  PM is the ultimate hope. While Rahul Gandhi and reservation movement leader Hardik Patel are addressing huge rallies, the  BJP rallies have shrunk to few thousands. Even in the PM rallies, the telecasts show empty seats. The sum total of the circumstances show the clear indication that the Congress is bound to win.

According to press reports the decks are cleared for the elevation of the Congress  vice-president Rahul Gandhi to the  post of  the  party president. There is only one nomination which was filed till the last date and that is of Rahul Gandhi. Thats why we can say the  Gujarat win will be first gift of the party president Rahul Gandhi to the Congress.


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