Rahul’s elevation a democratic process but Amit Shah’s and Yogi’s promotions plainly dictatorial fiat


The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is a great orator of his time who perfected the art of convincing the listeners and we witnessed the impact of his campaign speeches in 2014 when the BJP swept the polls and obtained absolute majority in the LoK Sabha elections after a gap of three decades. However, during election season, his speeches carry all the poll material to gain votes and damage the rival parties lock, stock, and barrel. Facts are completely clouded by the fictitious and baseless charges against other parties in the fray. The Prime Minister is wonderfully at ease in making such harangues. Now when the Congress Vice President is being elevated to the top post, the senior Congress leader Mani Shanker Aiyer  in his ill-timed and ill-judged example of a contrast said  that in the past kings were replaced by their heirs like Aurangzeb ascended the throne when his father Shah Jahan quit his throne but now  in a democracy elections are held  for the  party post. This remark of the Congress leader, which itself has a twist of history, has come handy for the Prime Minister who likened Rahul Gandhi to Aurangzeb. Speaking at an election rally on December 4 in Valsad in  Gujarat  he congratulated the Congress for Aurangzeb raj.

The Prime Minister wanted to ridicule the process of electing the president of the  Congress. The simile to compare the democratic process with the succession of a kingdom is nothing but misleading and misguiding the people. It is more or less consensus among the rank and file of the Congress party. It is a formality but the party is conducting the election. It is in contrast to the election of the BJP president Amit Shah.  Senior leaders  like L K Advani, Murli Manohar  Joshi and others were ignored then and a choice of the Prime Minister  – Amit Shah was elected. It was a dictatorial fiat of the Prime Minister and a mockery of democracy. It was not the method of  the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb who fought and got the throne following the tradition  of his time. But naming a person and installing him unopposed was the style of dictators like Hitler or Mussolini or in the distant past Changhese Khan  whose word was the  order of the  day. These dictators followed their tradition and no one should blame them. But  if  someone in the name of democracy, adopted the way of dictators, he should be singled out  for criticism and castigation and rightly so.

Against this backdrop, is it proper for the Prime Minister to speak of Aurangzeb who ruled the biggest India including Afghanistan?  The English rulers who followed the policy of divide and rule distorted the history of the Mughal ruler and today those who want to create a gulf between Hindus and Muslims and preach the philosophy of hatred are still the slaves  of British  thinking.  Only PM Modi will explain how the Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi will be an Aurangzeb raj.

The recent example  of the  dictates  of the Prime Minister  is the selection of Yogi Adityanath, the  dark  horse who was not in  the race was chosen  by the Prime Minister and was  silently  and meekly okayed  by the Legislative party of the UP assembly. How far is it justified that acting like a dictator himself, the Prime Minister is mocking at the election meant for choosing the  Congress  president.

Then criticizing the dynasty of Gandhi family which is ruling the country  for  decades together is nothing but insulting the mandate of the people who elected the Prime Ministers  right from Pandit Jawaharlal to Rajiv Gandhi. Now time will say how the people will welcome Rahul Gandhi as  president of the Congress. At present on the eve of Gujarat elections , it seems even the  Prime Minister has become the victim  of Rahul phobia. Is it becoming of the Prime Minister to present himself as the model leader or his party leaders and the managed media to go gaga and sing his paeans day in and day out?


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