Mayawati warns RSS and says ‘change your mindset or else I will convert to Buddhism’


In the past it was Baba Sahib Ambedkar who said ‘I was born a Hindu, but I would not die as a Hindu’. From the very beginning he was sore about the treatment of Hindus towards the backward classes and Dalits. When there was no change in the attitude of the Hindus, he converted to Buddhism. It was Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh which always insisted the traditional caste system and had bias against BCs and Dalits. There is no change in the policy of the organization and atrocities are allowed on the poor backward classes and Dalits by the affiliates of the RSS. Muslims are the first target of the RSS and then come Dalits to be victimized by them. The BJP is ruling the country but its remote control is with the RSS.

Against this backdrop, the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati on December 10 said that she would quit Hinduism and convert to Buddism.  She said the RSS and the BJP did not stop their atrocities on Dalits and backward classes. Addressing the BSP conclave at Nagpur, the headquarters of the RSS, she gave the example of Dr Ambedkar and said she would also follow the suit of the architect of the constitution. She said she was giving the chance to the RSS and the BJP to reform themselves, but if they continue their old tradition, she had to take her decision and her followers would follow her.

She also predicted that the Lok Sabha elections could occur earlier and asked the workers to be ready to face the polls. The BJP is waiting for the construction of Ram temple so that its poll victory is ensured in 2019.

She also apprehended that the reservations for the BCs given by Dr Ambedkar would be removed. The RSS chief Bhagwat was opposed to it. The government instead of going for fresh appointments is taking recourse to outsourcing.


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