Rahul Gandhi: Young India will be the new hope for the party and country


Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was elected unopposed as President of Indian National Congress on December 11 opening vistas for the grand old party to come to power replacing the BJP rule when the popularity of Prime Minister is on the fast decline. No doubt, it is a Herculean task as the Congress suffered the worst defeat in 2014 elections but the NDA government within three years woefully disappointed the people. PM Modi led the electoral successes but there is strong likelihood that from the Gujarat elections, the BJP would be on the reverse trajectory. Even if the BJP manages to win the elections in the home state of the Prime Minister, a remote possibility, the elections in about half  a dozen states will write the downfall of the ruling party at the centre. Rahul Gandhi will have to play a leading role in making the opposition strategy for 2019. More or less it depends on the unity of the opposition parties. Election of a political party chief is an inter-party affairs, but when it has come to the Congress party, the BJP started discussing and debating the dynastic rule in the Congress forgetting a fact that this dynasty from the first Prime  Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi created a history of strong and predominant India seen with regard and respect by all the nations in the world.

Briefing reporters, the party central election authority chief Mullapally Ramachandran said Rahul Gandhi would formally take over on December 16. Since the withdrawal date is over there was only one candidate that was Rahul Gandhi and therefore he was declared elected. From rank and file to high Congress top brass, from workers to high ranking leaders, all were keenly anxious to see Rahul Gandhi as the party chief. From mandal level to the state and central level the opinion is sought and then democratic process is adopted to choose the president of the party. Speaking and praising democracy day in and day out and flaying dynasty to condemn the Congress, the Prime Minister is simply dictating his terms in his party and government. The BJP president Amit Shah was chosen at the dictates of the Prime Minister  ignoring senior leaders like L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and others. Same is the case with Yogi Adityanath when he was chosen as the Chief Minister of UP. Then dynasty is far better than dictatorship in the garb of democracy. Rahul Gandhi is the hope of the future and leader who would transform not only his party but also India like his father, grandmother and great grandfather had done in their time. It was a metamorphosis that he turned into a perfect leader but a formidable one for the BJP. Unusually the Prime Minister spent so much time in Gujarat before elections and a number of rallies were addressed by him.

Now Rahul Gandhi is proving himself to be a different person altogether who gives as good as he gets. The BJP is at a loss about how to respond. The ruling party has returned to its roots and exploiting the communal feeling. It is asking the voters to choose between Ram—Rupani, Amit Shah and Modi and Haj—Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakur and Jignesh Mewani, the Patel community and BC leaders. Rahul election as the party president will give energy to the rank and file of the party. He will have a balance of the young leaders and the old guards in the organization. He is the hope for the party and great expectation for the country.


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